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Boxcutter In A Gunstore?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Husker1911, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Husker1911

    Husker1911 New Member

  2. mfree

    mfree New Member

    Yeah, I was waitin' for this to pop up :)

    Sounds like the ole' boy's off his rocker.

    1. Brought a knife to a gun store
    2. Brought a knife to a gun *fight*
    3. RAN when a man with a gun told him to lie down
    4. Wanted to save Terri... how?

    I think the shop owner showed good discretion in not simply ending this fool. That'd have made a heck of a cleanup bill :)
  3. HighVelocity

    HighVelocity New Member

    Some people exist in a different reality. This sounds like something my ex-wife would pull. :rolleyes:
  4. Bear Gulch

    Bear Gulch New Member

    The shop owner showed incredible restraint. This would be a good pro-gun story except the focus the the newsies will take will be the deranged religous zealot angle.

    DSRUPTV New Member

    I bet this guy is a good bit looney and the shop owner could tell it. I'm sure the guy didn't make too many threatening motions toward the owner or he would been having an even worse day.
  6. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Active Member

    Here is the way that we ought to think about this:

    How many gunstores get robbed compared to gas stations and convenience stores?

    Why is that? Could it be that it is either illegal or prohibited by ownership for the employees of gas stations and convenience stores to be armed while it is expected that the employees of gun stores will be armed?
  7. Bear Gulch

    Bear Gulch New Member

    Plus box cutter boy is mucking with the G in playing in a gunstore. I have my placard up in my shop as, I am sure, does the ffl in question. He may be bunking with Martha for a while!
  8. GRB

    GRB member

    Another guy who probably should have looked like swiss cheese but; since I do not know all the facts, I can only say probably.

    All the best,
  9. Carlos

    Carlos New Member

    Martha's home at her mansion in upstate New York.

    This little dweeb will be doing less than Federal time, I imagine, with guys named Bubba!!! :what:
  10. homeka45

    homeka45 New Member

    Somebody wasn't thinking too clearly. :)
  11. p35

    p35 New Member

    In my area, there's a gun store and a sex toy shop right next to each other in a strip mall. The sex store is always getting robbed; the gun shop never is. Wonder why that is? :scrutiny:

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