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Brady Campaign Issues Challenge to Bush on Assault Weapons Ban

Discussion in 'Legal' started by gun-fucious, May 16, 2003.

  1. gun-fucious

    gun-fucious Well-Known Member

    Brady Campaign Issues Challenge to Bush on Assault Weapons Ban


    Issue: 135 - 5/15/2003

    Brady Campaign Issues Challenge to Bush on Assault Weapons Ban

    The Republican-led House has thrown down the gauntlet on the reauthorization of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, saying it will not bring a reauthorization bill to the floor. And despite past promises of signing such a bill, Bush seems reluctant to put up a fight to get the bill introduced, and may even be working to ensure the bill never reaches his desk. As a dedicated supporter, we thought you'd like to know we aren't taking this lying down. Read below our hard-hitting press release issued today calling for Bush to stand up to Congress and live up to his promise to reauthorize the Assault Weapons Ban.

    For Immediate Release
    May 14, 2003
    Contact: Peter Hamm



    Washington, D.C.--During his 2000 Presidential campaign, now-President George W. Bush repeatedly promised to renew the Federal assault weapons law. But it now appears the President plans to break his promise, and work with House leaders to let the law die.

    That means barring a change that can only come from the President or a major public outcry, the American people will see legal sales of banned assault weapons starting in September 2004.

    In today's Washington Post, a House GOP leadership aid said the White House doesn't want a vote on the assault weapons ban. Last week, key Bush advisor Karl Rove was quoted in New Hampshire saying the bill would never reach the President's desk. The current law is supported by every major police organization in the country.

    The announcement that there would not be a House vote represents "a shameful abrogation of the responsibilities members of Congress were elected to undertake - which is to do the people's work," said Michael Barnes, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence United with the Million Mom March. "The President ought to pick up the phone and tell the House leadership he disagrees - instead of having his staff encourage those who oppose the ban. Indeed, he ought to be telling them to strengthen the existing law."

    "This is a travesty," said Mary Leigh Blek, Director of the Million Mom March. "If the ban expires, police will once again be outgunned, our children will be at further risk. Many of us voted for President Bush because he was willing to break with his party on this issue. It's troubling to think he didn't mean what he said."

    The facts:

    - Assault weapon bans work. In 1989, when President Bush stopped the import of certain assault rifles, the number of imported assault rifles traced to crime dropped by 45 percent in one year. After the 1994 ban, there were 18 percent fewer assault weapons traced to crime in the first eight months of 1995 than were traced in the same period in 1994.

    - Assault weapons are not just "ugly guns." Semi-automatic assault weapons are designed to maximize death and injury from a very rapid rate of fire. Assault weapons are designed to accommodate silencers and with military features such as grenade launchers, folding stocks, flash suppressors, barrel shrouds and bayonets which are all ludicrously unsuited for civilian use. In contrast, semi-automatic hunting rifles are designed to be fired from the shoulder and depend on the accurate shooting of one bullet at a time.

    Assault weapons were used...

    - To kill five children and wound 29 others in a Stockton, California schoolyard in 1989. The AK-47 held 75 - that's right, 75 - bullets.
    - To kill eight people and wound six others at a San Francisco law firm in 1993. Two TEC-9's with 50-round magazines were used in the massacre.
    - To kill two CIA employees and wound three others outside the CIA's Langley, Virginia headquarters in 1993.
    - To kill four ATF special agents and wound 16 others at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, when the officers were attempting to serve warrants on the cult in 1993.

    The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence United with the Million Mom March supports renewal, enforcement and strengthening of the current law.

    President Bush - if you want to keep your promise, the phone number to dial is 202-225-5951. That's the number for Rep. Tom Delay, the House Majority Leader.

    Pick up the phone.
  2. Shooter 2.5

    Shooter 2.5 Well-Known Member

    Many of us voted for President Bush because he was willing to break with his party on this issue. It's troubling to think he didn't mean what he said." :barf:
  3. Tom C.

    Tom C. Well-Known Member

    Assault Weapon Ban

    It will be interesting to see what the consequences are if it lapses. All those nasty flash surpressors and bayonette lugs coming back. Fifteen rd. mags back in fashion. Interesting.
  4. UnknownSailor

    UnknownSailor Well-Known Member

    Yea, all 2 dozen of you. ;)
  5. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member

    Is there anyone on the face of the earth that believes Mary Leigh Blek, Director of the Million Mom March voted for George W. Bush in 2000, and much less because of Bush's support for renewing the AW ban???
  6. gun-fucious

    gun-fucious Well-Known Member


    Charles and Mary Leigh Blek founded a grass-roots organization, Orange County Citizens for the Prevention of Gun Violence, to inform the public, the media and policymakers that gun injuries and deaths are preventable. Their son, Matthew, was shot and killed with a Saturday night special handgun.

    Matthew Charles Blek
    21 Years Old
    August 29, 1972 to June 29, 1994

    Matthew Blek, of Mission Viejo, California, was a talented athlete, musician and scholar who enjoyed hiking and the outdoors, playing the guitar and violin, and was majoring in honors physics and math.

    Most of all, Matthew was a warm and caring person who had a bright and promising future - a future cut short by senseless gun violence.

    In June of 1994, Matthew Blek was working at a summer job in New York City, with plans to return to California in the fall for his senior year of college. One evening as he and a girlfriend were walking home from a date, they were confronted by three armed teenagers. Although he offered no resistance, Matthew was shot and killed. The youths were murdered Matthew were armed with Saturday Night Specials - cheap and easily obtained handguns, many of which are made in the very place Matthew called home: Orange County, California.

    Joseph Lee was convicted of murder and sentenced to nine years to life. The two other teens pleaded guilty to manslaughter (Man-one) and were sentenced to 3 and 1/2 to 10 years in prison.
  7. LawDog

    LawDog Moderator Emeritus cum Laude

    And what is that sound, you ask? The world's smallest violin, playing "My Heart Bleeds".

    Y'all had it your way for 8 years, Pete. Our turn now.

  8. Waitone

    Waitone Well-Known Member

    Sources, please.
    Again. Sources, please.
    Note how the boogie man is no longer "assault weapons. The newest boogie man is "semi-automatic assault weapons."
  9. Boats

    Boats member

    How could this have possibly happened in NYC, where all handguns not permitted are illegal and banned?:scrutiny:
  10. HBK

    HBK member

    When are the majority of Americans going to see the Brady bunch for the extremist losers they are?:banghead:
  11. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member

    Let's see. Brady/HCI got the information from VPC. VPC acquired the information from the ACLU. ACLU got it from the DNC, who got it from the NY Times, which got if from Hillary, who got it from Michael Moore, who got it from HCI.
  12. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    That's the problem, not firearms. The killers are probably already back on the strees, already rearmed, already commiting more violent crimes because leftist extremists are far more interested in disarming law-abiding American citizens than preventing crime.
  13. Pendragon

    Pendragon Well-Known Member

    Really? 50 round magazines? I thought I had heard that the tec-9s jammed and the guy did most of the deed with a 1911 or shotgun. 50 round mags? I think they are confused with a Calico...

    Yeah, those poor Agents who only wanted to serve a warrant on the evil cult members. This is possibly one of the more justified uses of these guns in recent history.
  14. general

    general Well-Known Member

    These people wouldn't vote FOR him if he personally ran the metal shredder that ground up every last gun on the face of the earth.
    Guess I'll add that to my letters...
    "The people calling for the extention of the AW Ban won't vote for you even if you DO extend it."
  15. Don Gwinn

    Don Gwinn Moderator Emeritus

    I feel I can say this here, because I said it to Mary Leigh Blek's face: nothing she will admit to being in favor of would have saved her son. I do understand why she does what she does, because I have sons now, but that doesn't mean that what she's doing is rational. It's not, and she's not.

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