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Brand new Glock 26 problem

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Martin Briefner, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone. I am new to semi autos, I have always had revolvers before.

    I just bought a Glock 26 new in box today, 3 Gen. While at the store, I failed to notice that the spring recoil plug on the muzzle looked kind of tilted, not straight as it should. Upon further inspection, I realized the rear of the recoil spring (0-8) is not sitting down on the notch of the barrel lug, you know, on that half moon notch; instead, you can clearly see it has moved down a little.

    I pushed it back down with my fingers to make it fit on the notch, and I proceeded to reassemble the gun. Once I inserted the slide through the rails, I could feel the recoil spring moving back out of the right position again. The plug on the muzzle looked tilted again. I made sure I pushed it down and it was on the notch when I put the slide back.

    I haven't shot it yet, but I am afraid to do so due to this issue. Also, I am afraid it will scratch the heck out of the frame.

    Obviously, I am frustrated being a new gun, in box and all. I understand lemons happen but I want to make sure that's the case. I am sure you guys can shed some light on to this subject.

    I attach a picture here so you can see part of the problem. Is the recoil spring doing the right thing on this pic? It seems way up to me. Shouldnt it be straight? Thank you for your help.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
  2. west.22

    west.22 Well-Known Member

    If I am understanding it correctly it sounds like normal operation to me. every time the glock is disassembled you have to move the guide rod assembly back up into the groove because during operation it moves down a little, to rest directly in front of the slide stop ( I think ). If it function checks OK then I wouldn't worry about it. That is if I understood your question correctly.
  3. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    It's supposed to sit on the lower notch of the barrel lug.
  4. ku4hx

    ku4hx Well-Known Member

    Perfectly normal; here's mine at a slightly different angle. Shoot yours and enjoy it.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
  5. eam3clm@att.net

    eam3clm@att.net Well-Known Member

    The recoil spring catches on the locking block after the slide is installed on the frame. Yours looks normal.
  6. WinThePennant

    WinThePennant Well-Known Member

    100% NORMAL!!! :)

    Go shoot that thing and have fun with it!
  7. Thank you for the replies guys.

    I compared it to other pictures online and I'd swear that the rod looks straighter on those guns.

    Now that I see ku4hx picture, yours looks very similar to mine...but it is the angle. I believe the angle on mine is slightly different. Either way, the plug on yours seems to be coming out a bit too.

    Winthepennant, the reason I got this gun was to replace my old j frame revolver, as I found it wasn't getting reliable and I knew Glock would be able to give me reliability. I certainly hope that's the case.

    One more question, if I were to change the recoil spring for a new one, do you think the situation would change?
  8. hentown

    hentown Well-Known Member

    The guide rod is only supposed to rest in the half-moon cut during assembly. Even if you bought 1000 guide rods, that's where they're supposed to sit, only during assembly.
  9. I understand Hentown. Check this pic out, even if the rod is only supposed to rest on the half moon during assembly, it seemed odd to me that the rod plug on the muzzle looked not even. See the empty space between the frame and the plug? You can actually see the spring wire from the front, metallic. Sorry for the quality.

  10. I also forgot to ask, the factory rod on the Glock 26 3 Gen is supposed to be metal right? Mine is not plastic.
  11. sappyg

    sappyg Well-Known Member

    I would shoot the gun. Put about 500 rounds through it and see how it goes.

    I see nothing wrong with it but, you never know.
  12. hentown

    hentown Well-Known Member

    Hard to compare with my daily carry G26, as I change out the factory guide rod/springs for a Wolff steel guide rod when I acquired the G26. Had a guide rod break on a G26 and G30. Never had the steel ones break.
  13. powder

    powder member

    Nothing wrong. Shoot the gun: do not jump the shark to a lemon shark for cryin out loud. Put away the keypad and go to the range. :D
  14. I will shoot it as soon as I can. The weather is not allowing right now...:fire:

    Hope everything goes alright. The thing that worries me the most is safety. I don't want any AD's or lack of reliability. So I guess I won't be able to tell until I shoot it.

    When I first saw the rod I was alarmed...I dont want it to explode on my face.:uhoh:
  15. Plan2Live

    Plan2Live Well-Known Member

    It's a "perfection" thing, you wouldn't understand.
  16. mr.trooper

    mr.trooper Well-Known Member

    I hate to sound like 'that gun jerk' ...

    But you are posting about the sky falling when your gun function tests fine, and you haven't even shot it yet. That's silly.

    Don't go around convincing yourself there are problems with your guns when you have no evidence. It will drive you crazy in this hobby.
  17. Mr. Trooper, nah...you have a point, you don't sound like the "gun jerk" or anything.

    I am new to semi autos, and I was afraid that after comparing the parts of the pistol to other pics online, it would hurt me or something when shooting it. I want safety first, if the gun breaks I don't care, but I want to feel 1- safe when shooting it, knowing it wont hurt me due to some mechanical issue and 2- reliability for protection.

    See, the way the spring rod looked like was "alarming" to a person that doesn't know much about semi autos. That's why I came here and you guys kind of gave me peace of mind and not be afraid to shoot it thinking it will blow back on my face.

    I can't wait to try it out, once I do, I will get back with results.

    That being said, somebody may come by and add something new to the discussion.


  18. WinThePennant

    WinThePennant Well-Known Member

    Mine sits just about like that, too. I've fired hundreds of rounds through it, and no problems.

    It's not a concern. That part of the guide rod sits 'almost' flush to the slide. Mine doesn't touch the slide -- There's a very slight gap when I look at it from the side.
  19. Thanks Pennant. I just watched this youtube video and it shows the rod almost sitting at the same angle as the one on my picture. I am beginning to feel much better about it. The only thing that bothers me now is the plug on the front, it still looks strange to me...but if it doesn't affect the pistol functions...then there shouldn't be any worries.

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
  20. wheelyfun66

    wheelyfun66 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about the strange (offset) way in which the guide rod assembly sits in the slide (when viewed from the muzzle/front)

    It is the nature of Glock/polymer to have some flexibility or play in the way that certain components fit together.

    Yes, the guide rod assembly will pop up from being "properly" seated, once the slide goes on. NOT a problem.

    I have owned gen3 and gen4 Glock subcompacts, and can assure you that you have NO cause for concern. (well....except maybe the price gouging for ammo!)

    Here is a pic to get you inspired!

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