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Brass in stock

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by wgaynor, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. wgaynor

    wgaynor Well-Known Member

  2. izhevsk

    izhevsk Well-Known Member

    Prices seem reasonable - I wonder how the quality is.
  3. ngnrd

    ngnrd Well-Known Member

    I guess that depends on your definition of reasonable...

    At a local gun show two weekends ago, I paid $50 for 500 tumbled and de-primed pieces of Hornady .223 brass, and $20 for 500 mixed headstamp 45acp. So... paying twice as much for unprocessed brass doesn't really seem reasonable to me. But, I'm sure somebody will be desperate enough to pay that much.
  4. wgaynor

    wgaynor Well-Known Member

    I've purchased from them many times in the past. Prices have gone up. Free Market driven by fear... From what I could tell, it looked truly once fired (primers still had sealant in them....30-.30 and .30-06 was my purchase). I'm still using the brass after several loadings. Delivery was quick. Price use to be cheaper for .223. The others are fairly reasonable.

    Brass is tumbled, but not deprimed.
  5. SSN Vet

    SSN Vet Well-Known Member

    giving them a try for .45 acp....

    $0.10/ case isn't exactly cheap, but it's less than any of the Gunbroker auctions are bid up to and 10% more than what Midway used to ask, b4 they sold out of everything related to firearms, ammo. and reloading.

    fingers crossed.
  6. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    I'm not paying $86.85 for 500 pieces of once fired .223 brass! (but thanks for the heads-up)
  7. dickttx

    dickttx Well-Known Member

    Always check Starline before you buy, new or used. Several calibers listed on the bbrbrass are higher for used than Starline is for new. Free shipping at Starline also.
  8. izhevsk

    izhevsk Well-Known Member

    Oh, I was just looking at the .38 brass, didn't look at the .223 stuff.
  9. ngnrd

    ngnrd Well-Known Member

    Their 223 brass specifically says "Not Processed".
  10. Bud0505

    Bud0505 Well-Known Member

    I just bought 500 NEW .45 Colt from Starline for $101 shipping included. So I'm not sure that $24.15 per hundred for once fired is all that good of a deal. JMHO
  11. mayassa

    mayassa Active Member

    I need 45, but I'm not going to push the button. I'll just wait and keep looking but thanks OP.
  12. whipper

    whipper Well-Known Member

  13. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

  14. Maj Dad

    Maj Dad Well-Known Member


    The only rifle brass they list is 243 & 7mm Mag as of 7:45 p.m. 45 is out of stock but 380, 38 spl, 357 Sig, 9mm luger & 44 mag are available. I'll pass, but I may sell off my stashes & buy a new Cooper with a Swarovski on it... :rolleyes:
  15. jack44

    jack44 Well-Known Member

    no 40 cal in stock
  16. SSN Vet

    SSN Vet Well-Known Member

    just received my order.... .45 acp brass

    brass looks really good.... wish I knew their tumbler / media set up....
  17. rdhood

    rdhood Well-Known Member

    Just a note: the Buy,Sell,Trade reloading components forum here in THR often has these things. Most folks are reasonable, and I have had nothing but good transactions. yeah, you have to check them every day and it takes a little luck to get what you want, but persistence usually pays off.

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