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Browning A-5 16 ga.

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by jakelly, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. jakelly

    jakelly New Member

    I am thinking of buying a Browning A-5 in 16 ga. serial number A69xx in about 80% condition for 450.00 I do not know how old the gun is or the performance of this gun, A-5's seem well respected and I have always thought the 16 ga. was a great idea, but additional information would help. Thank you.
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Unless you are just enamored with the 16 ga, or the Browning, I would pass.

    Ammo costs two - three times as much as 12 or 20, and is kind of hard to find in a wide variety of loads.

  3. testosterone

    testosterone New Member

    16s rule.

    Buy it and keep the gauge alive!
  4. Smithiac

    Smithiac New Member

    Unless its a sweet sixteen I don't think you are getting a steal but it dosen't sound like a bad deal.
  5. 2RCO

    2RCO New Member

    Not to be **** here but aren't all Browning Auto 5 16 Gauges "Sweet Sixteens"

    If it's belgian for $450 I'd buy it and not look back. I have one I frequently shoot that my dad Bought new in 63' and gave to my grandfather. It's a great old gun and it would be the last one I would ever sell. Did I mention it was horribly cared for but never once has malfunctioned.
  6. Loyalist Dave

    Loyalist Dave New Member

    Nope, my father has a 16 ga A-5, that was produced before the Sweet 16 was introduced.

    Have to disagree with you there...,

    Federal 12 ga 2.75" 1 oz of shot in 6, 7.5, or 8 shot, is $7.77
    that same load in a 16 gauge from the same maker is only $9.77
    In a 20 gauge from the same maker using 7/8 oz is $7.97

    Estate Brand 12 gauge 2.75" 1.25 oz in 6, 7.5, or 8 shot is $10.17
    Estate Brand 16 gauge in the same load with 1 oz of shot is $10.17
    Estate Brand 20 gauge in the same load with 1 oz of shot is $7.77

    Remington "Pheasant" 12 gauge 2.75" 1.25 oz of shot, 4,5,6,7.5 size is $14.27
    Remington "Pheasant" 16 gauge 1.125 oz in #6 only is $14.27
    Remington "Pheasant" 20 gauge 1 oz of shot 4,5,6,7.5 shot is also $14.27


    Fiochi "Golden Pheasant" 16 from Midway is $15.49, 12 ga is $16.79
    Fiochi Filed Loads in 16 are only $10.29, 12 gauge is $9.59,
    Remington "Game Load" in 16 from Midway are only $7.49

    Now for target loads when buying a "flat" of shells, numerous boxes 'cause you compete, the 12 and 20 will save you lots of money, but it still aint 2x or 3x the savings compared to the 16.


    DRYHUMOR New Member

    Buy it and enjoy it, when you get tired of it (if you do), you won't lose money on it. :D
  8. mjb

    mjb Member.

    I have one with two barrels. The ammo costs about the same although in some stores they might not carry it. In my opinion, it points better than the 12 guage.
  9. Tijeras_Slim

    Tijeras_Slim New Member

    No, the Sweet was a lighter version of the Standard 16.

    This gun, I'd probably go for it.
  10. xring

    xring New Member

    I bought a 1957 A5 in 16ga. from the original owner a few years ago. It saw maybe 2 boxes of shells in 50 years. After several days of removing very old congealed oil, it was dead mint. I never fired it due to parts availability. I was afraid I'd end up with a "hard to keep running" SG and sold it. Could barely get my money back. That was well under 500 too. 450 is fair if it hasn't been shot to death I suppose.
  11. CZ223

    CZ223 New Member

    I don't know how things are now

    that everything has sky rocketed over the last couple of years, ammo I mean, but about 5 years ago I was buying 16 guage by the case as well as 12 guage and there wasn't $5 difference between the two. Just don't try to buy it by the box at Cabellas or Dicks. Go to your local gunshop and have him get it by the case.
  12. jakelly

    jakelly New Member

    I have done a little more research and found that the price is fair, the gun is prior to 1940 and prior to Belgian manufacture, this is a full size A-5 not a sweet 16. Ammo prices that have been given in this thread have been accurate and helpful, thank you. I still haven't decided, but my suspicion is that unless the pawn shop will make a great deal I will pass. Thank you everyone.

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