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Browning BPS for sale. Please Help.

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by newturkeyhunter, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. I know a guy who is selling a used Browning BPS. It is a 1990 model and is in GREAT condition with only minor flaws on the bottstock. According to the Browning website it is a "BPS Hunter". It has english style glossy stock, and a 22" Invector barrel which has a modified choke tube in it. The barrel reads "Invector BPS Special Steel 12GA- 2.75" and 3.00" Field Model-22". It also has swivel sling attachments to add a sling. does anyone know how much he should ask for it? I was thinking at least $400, but I am not really sure. Please help.
  2. ccw007

    ccw007 Well-Known Member

    It seems like I seen one for 325 a few weeks ago. I have one and it is a great gun.
  3. John Peddie

    John Peddie Well-Known Member

    Cut your own deal, but I love my 22 inch 20 ga, and am saving for a 12 like this.

    Fast, utterly reliable, safety on top where it should be, and solid slab sides to keep out the weeds and weather.

    Just love mine, even more than my Ithaca 37 (same basic design) and that's saying a lot.

    Couldn't ask for more.

    That little 20 is a tad heavy, but not oppressively so. I just tell myself it soaks up more recoil.

    Enjoy !!!
  4. OK, he is asking $425 OBO. He asked me to let everyone on here know about it, so if anyone is interested PM me and I'll give you the info.
  5. Yellow Lab

    Yellow Lab Member

  6. I appreciate the info. I told him that $425 was too high, and he came down to $375. Also, the gun is NOT an upland, it is a "BPS hunter" that was special ordered with the english style stock, according to what he told me. Anyway, he is now asking $375.

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