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Browning Hi-power Price / Value...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Fire-4-Effect, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Fire-4-Effect

    Fire-4-Effect Active Member

    I have wanted a good steel 9mm pistol for some time now and was about to purchase a CZ-75B. When I went to the gun store to make the purchase he just got in a barely used Browning Hi-Power. He was selling it for $599.00. So, now I have a dilemma... that seems cheap for a like new Hi-Power. They both feel great in my hand. The CZ has night sights and is stainless. BUT, I have heard such good things about the hi-power and this seems like such a great deal. Is the hi-power worth it? By not getting the CZ I will miss out on that cool 22 lr conversion kit.

    What would you guys do?


    Sorry about the spelling mistake in the subject line.
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  2. huntershooter

    huntershooter Well-Known Member

    I'd get the BHP.
  3. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member


    Get which ever one you like more. It's really a toss up. Hi Powers are decent. If you're thinking they'll in some way shoot more accurately or be more reliable than other decent guns you'll be disappointed. It's pretty much a matter of which one fits your hand better.

    I've owned both, and truthfully I don't care for the Hi Power. They never seem to be as accurate as my CZs and not as reliable either. Could be luck of the draw I guess. Don't know.

    Ehhhh, assuming it's a basic Hi Power, that actually sounds a touch high, but not outrageous. It really depends though.
  4. thegoodfight

    thegoodfight member

    Hi Powers are cool guns, but CZs are probably just as good. BHP have a cult like following just like CZ. Both will probably be about as reliable and last as long as the other.
  5. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    CZ will easily out last a HiPower. Not saying Hipowers are extremely fragile, just that CZs are rather robust when it comes to pounding out some rounds.

    98% of gun owners will never shoot enough rounds to get a major component in either to fail.
  6. Beagle-zebub

    Beagle-zebub Well-Known Member

    Like the 1911, the Hi-Power has historical appeal, being the pistol of choice for NATO and every other non-communist, non-1911 user, and being designed to a certain extent by JMB. Also to its credit, it is pretty darn slim, I'm lead to understand.
  7. Fire-4-Effect

    Fire-4-Effect Active Member


    I thought the price was good as gunbroker did not have a great selection. I have found a few for around $499 but they were used. When I added shipping and FFL transfer fee they came in close to the same.

    Seems like people think I should get the CZ instead. I have held both in my hand for a while and dry fired both. Here is a question: Which one has a better trigger pull? I had a hard time telling in the gun shop.


  8. belus

    belus Well-Known Member

  9. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    What is

    That may be a good price. It depends.

    What exactly is it? Belgian, Belgian/Portuguese, etc. etc.

    I think that a pretty older one 60's, 70's maybe would certainly go for that.

    One of the newer production Belgian/Portuguese ones, probably 500ish.
    Argentine $400-$500 or so if it is nice
    Hungarian, $250

    Search on Gunbroker, but search for "completed auctions" and sort by number of bids so that you look at auctions that have 1 or more bids.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
  10. RPCVYemen

    RPCVYemen Well-Known Member

    Can you test fire/handle them?

    HP's are very cool, but the only two I have fired have had really crappy triggers. Yes, they were single action, but they were heavier and rougher than any DA I have shot.

    One was a rental that probably still had the magazine safety, the other had definitely had the magazine safety removed.

    I know that there are people on THR who love them, and report their HP's have great triggers, so maybe it's just the two I handled. Or maybe the ones people like have had lots of work don on them. I don't know.

    After firing the 2nd one, I picked up an AR 24 (all steel CZ-75) for less than the price you are showing for the HP.

  11. GP100

    GP100 Member

    Pryker: Your question on trigger pull is hard to compare as BHP is Single action gun and most CZ's are DA/SA. CZ is probably more rugged and SA trigger on HP is probably very heavy if it's on a newer one. Older HP's had lighter trigger pulls till the lawyers took over the world. My vote would by the CZ. In fact, I traded a MKIII recently for a CZ75 and could not be happier.....

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