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BSA Lightning GRT XL SE

Discussion in 'Air Guns' started by brianr23, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the new gas piston Lightning from BSA has baffles in the shrouded barrel? BSA website says it does but I have seen reports that it doesn't. I want to make sure that the version I will buy in the US is baffled and includes the 1/2-20 unf threaded barrel. Please no discussion about Gamo or where it is made. That has been beat to death.
  2. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

    I went ahead and bought it. We will see when it arrives. I'll run a bunch of pellets through the chrony and post the results when I get it.
  3. Chevota

    Chevota Well-Known Member

    I'll be interested in hearing about it. I'm also interested in the suppressor, like is it a shroud or more like a real screw on suppressor since it looks like they offer both types. I'm guessing shroud for legal reasons but it will be interesting to see it and the gun either way. BSA seems so rare, at least from my standpoint so I'm very curious to find out more. Please let us know where you bought it as well. Thanks...
  4. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

    My New BSA GRT Lightning SE XL

    I received the rifle today from Pyramyd Air. It should have been here on Saturday 2/01 but according to FedEx it had two delays. The outside box was torn and taped back together. Not a good start. I removed the outside box and the inside rifle box did not look damaged. I removed the rifle and did not see any damage. My first impressions were very good. The beech stock is chunky but feels good in your hand. It was stained a nice dark color. The checkering at the grip and fore stock added to the appeal. While not sharp it was well done and what I would expect in this price range. The wood to metal fit is tight. My only complaint with the stock is the laser engraved GRT logo on both sides near the butt end. I felt that it detracted from the beauty of the stock. I mounted a UTG bug buster scope and overall I liked the feel and heft. It is solid in your hands and easy to shoulder. With everything in place I moved to my 20 yard range to see how it shoots. The cocking stroke is stout but manageable and smooth. There was some grit on the upswing but should smooth out. First on to sound, I used my very unscientific iPhone app and registered 95 db. For reference my Umarex Fusion registers 90db. Not bad and what I expected. I fired five different pellets through the chrono. JSB Match Diablo, 7.33 gr averaged 875 fps, RWS Superdome 8.3 gr averaged 817 fps, Predator Polymag 8.0 gr averaged 835 fps, Kodiak Crow Magnum 8.33 gr averaged 794 fps, and the Kodiak Match 10.65 gr averaged 719 fps. All standard deviations were single digits with an astounding 2 fps from the RWS. I didn't like how the trigger was positioned and was always putting my finger at the top and had to make a conscious effort to re-position it. I did not adjust the trigger. The first stage was nice with a slightly heavy pull in the second. It broke clean and I will likely adjust to a lighter pull for the second stage. Overall the trigger was fine. Some other complaints, the thread protector shoots loose very easily and the grub screw backed out of the the shroud to the point that the shroud was moving on the barrel. At the end of the session I also had to tighten loose stock screws. I also tried the Crosman Premier Dome pellets and they wouldn't fit in the barrel. The dome was too wide. I tried several with the same results. Groups were nothing to write home about although I expect that during break in. The only good group was with the Crow Magnum with a 5 shot group just over a quarter inch (it was the last one I shot). The Predator Polymag also showed promise. As it breaks in I expect those 1"+ groups to tighten up. Overall the jury is still out. I like the rifle and if accuracy comes online I will be pleased.
  5. Calibre44

    Calibre44 Well-Known Member

    Great review - Thanks
  6. brianr23

    brianr23 Well-Known Member

    Well after 350+ pellets things are looking a bit better. I could not repeat the very small Crow Magnum group I had the day before and they hovered over the 1" mark. The plus side was that the Beeman Kodiak Match turned very repeatable groups in the .380" - .450" range. The Predator Polymags posted groups over .50"- 1". The repeatability of the Kodiak Match groups was nice. I disassembled what they termed the "integral silencer" last night and found that it is simply an empty metal tube. It really serves no purpose except a cocking aid. That is frustrating and I have contacted BSA to get an explanation. Velocities have increased slightly with the break in period. Today I shot the Gamo Lethal 5.4 grain and got an average of 1058 fps. The sweet spot for accuracy though looks to be about 725-825 fps with 8 to 10,6 grain pellets. I posted a picture of three groups from today.

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