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buckshot and deer

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by PITBULL, Aug 31, 2006.


    PITBULL Well-Known Member

    how far away can you kill a deer with buckshot?

    from a 12 ga. 3 inc
  2. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    From everything I've ever read, anywhere, not far enough. Really, bowshot, seems like. Doesn't mean that a deer shot farther away then 20 or 30 yards won't die, but you better have a tracking dog unless you're sorta lucky.

    Nine 30-caliber pellets, spreading out, don't have much energy per each, and they slow down quickly from only around 1,300 ft/sec or so.

    Slugs are better, but it's Not Good to have a choke that's much tighter than Improved Cylinder.

  3. 30-06 lover

    30-06 lover Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't shoot a deer with buckshot if the deer was farther than five feet away. Buckshot just doesn't carry enough punch and spreads way to much to be used on deer. Slugs are great deer medicine and you can shoot them out to 100 yards.
  4. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    After my last experiance with buckshot on deer I won't do it again, In my opinion with reguards to deer, buckshot has NO advantages over slugs
  5. swampdog

    swampdog Well-Known Member

    I've haven't found buckshot to be very effective deer medicine and I shot quite a few with it when I lived in buckshot only Tidewater, Va. The first deer I ever shot was with buckshot and it was all I could legally use for many years. At 20', it's awesome, at 20 yards, it's still doing a pretty good job but you won't always get an instant kill. I had an experience last year with one a co-worker shot at 25 yards that just reinforced this. The deer had enough left in him to make it into a housing developement and I ended up finishing it off it with a machete. When we dressed the deer, it had multiple pellets in the chest area and a broken shoulder. I'm sure it would have eventually died on its own, but it still had plenty of fight left in it. Some of the pellets penetrated into the lungs, some didn't. None went all the way through. This was with 3" mags, btw.

    It makes me cringe everytime I see some club yahoo unload on a deer a 100 yards with buck. Sometimes the dogs will pull them down, sometimes they get away just to suffer. Sometimes, they get lucky and drop one, which is why they keep trying, I guess. I was in a gunshop last year and a guy was buying a 10 gauge for deer because it had "more range". I didn't even bother to try to tackle that one.

    If you are forced to use buckshot, please keep your shots under 40 yards, preferredly closer. Keep shooting until the deer is on the ground and don't be suprised if it's still kicking and trying to crawl away. Some people recommend a neck shot. This can be very effective but it can still lead to a wounded, unrecovered deer. If you can use a handgun or black powder rifle where you hunt instead of buckshot, do so. Either one will give you more range and better penetration with a more effective projectile.

    Slugs, on the otherhand, are very effective.

    16 days to bow season :D :D

    PITBULL Well-Known Member

    thanks yall don't think i want to ues buckshot.
  7. B.D. Turner

    B.D. Turner Well-Known Member

    I was doing some test shooting last week with my Beretta 1200fp. It is a
    20" barrel semi-auto 12ga. At 50 yds it will keep four pellets of 00 buck in the kill zone of a deer. Using slugs three shot groups are one ragged hole. Fifty yds. is not very far depending on where you are hunting. From a stand in the N.C. woods buckshot would be fine due to the underbrush here and limited shot distance. I can use rifle or shotgun here but sometimes take the shotgun over the rifle. It is very important to know how your shotgun patterns way before you go to the woods.
  8. 'Card

    'Card Well-Known Member

    I've only ever had to track down one deer that was shot with buckshot. I hope I never have to do that again. Don't get me wrong - it was an easy track, because the blood trail was pretty heavy, but it went on a lot longer than I think it would have if it'd been shot with a slug or a rifle. The deer also needed a bullet to put it down once I found it.
  9. peter3

    peter3 Member

    Its depends on alot of variables.1. the size of the deer 2. how the shotgun patterns. etc. I have hunted with buckshot for about 10yrs, the farthest shot I have made was approx 50yds away on a 115# doe trotting towards me it dropped right away. Several pellets brok its back and bunch destroyed the longs and heart. I was using 3" copper plated #4 buck out of a 26" barrel with a Mod choke.
  10. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

    If Texas Parks and Wildlife's position on it means anything to ya, their regs prohibit even POSSESSING the stuff on public hunting lands ...

    FWIW, last week I patterned some Federal "Tactical/Low Recoil" 00 out of 870 with 21" barrel with screw-in full choke. At 50', all 9 pellets grouped within 6". (That's 2 to 3" tighter than what I got with modified choke and similar load back in '99.)

    Had plans to try some of it just behind and below the ear of a hog last weekend, but they did not chose to cooperate ...

    PITBULL Well-Known Member

  12. gezzer

    gezzer Well-Known Member

    My family gave up on buckshot for deer years ago. On the size deer we have 180-200+++ pounds it is severly lacking. The F&G made it illeagal for bear & moose a few years ago.
  13. dfaugh

    dfaugh Well-Known Member

    Well, I use slugs BUT....

    I've patterned my shotgun with Sellier & Belloit 15 Pellet 3" magnum buckshot (ouch!)... And at 40-45 feet it'll penetrate both sides of an old refrigerator, and about 3" of my wood backstop. We're talking 15 .32 caliber projectiles at a muzzle velocity exceeding 1300 fps. Having said that, I would probably never consider using it at a range greater than the 40 feet or so I mentioned, and preferably more like 25 feet. Where I hunt (from a tree stand on my property, that sounds limiting, but it really isn't, most "good" shots would be inside that area.
  14. shermacman

    shermacman Well-Known Member

    Mounted in outer space, you could conceivably kill a deer with buckshot from a quarter-million miles. There would be some calculus involved of course...:cool:

    BIGJACK Well-Known Member

    Here in Alabama as well as most of the Southern United States the traditional method of deer hunting is with dogs (A sport that is gradually being pushed out.) Most shots are at less than 50 yards and the deer has his "hat in his hand" and is headed for parts unknown at full speed when the shot is made. Most deer shot at less than 50 yards will flip right there and ususally stay down. Past 50 is questionable to say the least. However I have killed a couple at distances exceeding 75 yards, one shot.:eek:

    One case, shooting at a buck jumping a log, a single buck shot went between the deers back legs, I was shooting at his caboose, entered the soft part of his belly and penetrated his heart, dead in about 20 yards. Another and the fartherest was a heavy 7 point at 105 steps, broad side shots were later found to have not penetrated the hide, only knocked off hair. As the deer changed course to run away from me I fired my last shot, later found him at about 75 yards away, laying down but still alive, from 15 steps I shot him in the neck as he attempted to get up. The wounding shot was a single pellet in the rear of his back leg that severed the arterie going down his leg, thus bleeding him down.:D
  16. CSA 357

    CSA 357 Well-Known Member

    buck shot has its place, in thick brush where shots will be close it is hard to beat! i used 00 for a long time, and latter i got a shot gun that didnt pattern them well and i tryed #4 buck in it, it was hell on a deer! 41 pellets , thats what my house gun, a mod 12 winchester is loaded with now #4 buck i deer hunt with a rifle now most of the time but i do have a fully rifeled slug barrel for my 870 and have killed some nice bucks with it, i hunt land in mississippi that you cant use a rifle, only slugs, there i use copper solids , 100 yards or a little more is meat on the table! *csa*:D
  17. Little Wolf

    Little Wolf Active Member

    You have a link? I have not heard anything about this!!

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