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Buffalo Horn Grips

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by skeezix, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. skeezix

    skeezix Well-Known Member

    Are buffalo horn grips sturdy and durable, or are they just a "cosmetic" grip like mother of pearl? :confused:

    I've seen some on ebay at a reasonable price, but I dont want to buy a set for my 1911 if I have to change them out everytime I shoot it. Anyone got any experience with buffalo horn?
  2. Hot brass

    Hot brass Well-Known Member

    I bought a set for my SBH and after sending several sets back because of poor fit I finnaly got a decent pair. Shooting the SBH with those grips convinced me to purchase some Pacmyer? rubber grips. The outfit that I purchased the grips from said the grips would holdup to the SBH.
  3. ruger357

    ruger357 Well-Known Member

    Had a buffalo horn grips from Ajax on my 44 magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk. Put countless number of magnums through the gun and the grips held up well.

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