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Build a 10/22

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by zpo, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. zpo

    zpo Well-Known Member

    What would you get to build an inexpensive custom 10/22. I have a fantasy about a .22, but I would like to keep the price down. You can throw in the expensive stuff if you like, just point out the difference. Besides money, the only other condition (if you can) is to not use a single (major) factory piece.(conectors, springs, pins and such don't count) Well, have at it!
  2. Sunray

    Sunray Well-Known Member

    "...inexpensive custom..." That'd be an oxymoron like 'military intelligence'.
    Here's one site for parts. http://www.powercustom.com/10-22/parts_10-22.htm
    Do a net search for 'custom 10/22'. Lots of stuff. That's one of the great things about 10/22's.
  3. Tom C.

    Tom C. Well-Known Member

    Earlier this year, I did just what you are proposing, built myself an inexpensive 10/22. In my case, I did the following:
    Buy the least expensive 10/22 from Walmart
    Add the following:
    Green Mountain stainless, fluted 20" barrel,
    Extended mag release,
    Power hammer and sear,
    bolt release
    Hogue plastic stock.
    The total is somewhere around $350, as I recall.
    Then I put a Weaver 2x7 rimfire scope on it.
  4. knzn

    knzn Well-Known Member

    I have been hanging out at www.rimfirecentral.com for some time now, and the majority opinion there is that Green Mountain barrels are the best money spent on a new barrel. FWIW
  5. pdh

    pdh Well-Known Member

    Bulter Creek Varmint Combo

    Has anyone out there try the Bulter Creek Varmint Combo package for the 10/22?
    If so.....how do you like it?
  6. ChristopherG

    ChristopherG Well-Known Member

    Just gotta reiterate the link to rimfirecentral.com . Those guys have a whole set of forums dedicated to customizing the 10/22; one entire, well-frequented forum just on custom stocks and barrels. And the forum has a search function. Pretty much where to go to get opinions and see pictures and gather links etc. on this topic.
  7. George S.

    George S. Well-Known Member

    www.rimfirecentral.com is probably one of the best places to get information on customizing a 10/22. they have 4 different sections devoted to the 10/22 one is even for folks that have stock 10/22's: what:

    The only thing left on my 10/22 that is OEM Ruger is the bolt, the receiver, magazines, and the trigger guard. Everything else is aftermarket.
  8. standingbear

    standingbear Well-Known Member

    the first thing I would do is replace that alloy receiver with a stainless steel one...that wont be cheap.
  9. boofus

    boofus Guest

    I would love one of these 10/22s , but the kits cost $950. :(

  10. El Rojo

    El Rojo Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, this is a very tough thread. How to build a custom and keep the costs down. There are tons of after market barrels out there. I personally bought a Volquartsen 16.5" THM barrel. It shoots like a dream and was just under $200 somewhere. The other nice thing is it is very light compared to some of those metal barrels on the market.

    I did buy a Volquartsen Trigger Guard 2000 as I didn't want to mess with any of those trigger packages and do it myself. It worked great, but was about $200 too! I then found out that a local gunsmith (Leroy Johnson Gunsmithing in Bakersfield, CA) will basically turn your factory trigger group into the same thing the Trigger Guard 2000 does. The good news is he does it for $70! I won a trigger job from him at the local Friends of the NRA Event and then sold my Trigger Guard 2000 on eBay. I am extremely happy with the work my gunsmith did and would recommend his work to a Trigger Guard 2000 anyday.

    I think the Hogue overmolded stock is a given in this case. Just about everyone uses it. I just saw it for sale at either Midwayusa or Natchez for like $50.

    Good luck with this challenging task of not spending too much on tricking out your 10/22.
  11. WhiteKnight

    WhiteKnight Well-Known Member

    How to keep the cost down?

    Well, what do most look for in a customized 10/22?

    1) better trigger

    2) increased reliability

    3) better accuracy

    4) better ergonomics/style

    I suggest the following:

    1) Buy a VQ Target hammer @ $30. Don't mess with the sear.

    2) Buy either a VQ or a Clark tuned extractor @ $12. Buy a Weaponkraft Bolt buffer @4. Don't mess with the VQ buffer.

    3) Buy a Green Mountain Bull (.920 diameter) barrel @ $100

    4) Either a) modify your factory stock with paint, a rasp, sandpaper, a dowel, and bondo, or b) purchase an aftermarket .920 barrel channel stock.

    Stafford Sales or Rimfire Sports & Custom all have excellent prices on aforementioned gear.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2004
  12. mtnbkr

    mtnbkr Well-Known Member

    Ditto Rimfirecentral.com...

    BTW, hang out there long enough and you're bound to see a post from the head honcho at Green Mtn advertising "seconds" at dirt cheap rates. "Seconds" are barrels that may be out of spec in the outer dimensions, or special order runs that were never picked up, etc. The bores are always perfect. I bought a "second" that had nothing wrong other than it was .910 instead of .920. I paid the whopping sum of $38+$8s/h. This stainless, fluted bull barrel normally retails for about $150. It cut my groups by nearly two thirds. :D


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