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Bullseye Shooters 185gr vs 200gr LSWC

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by chiltech500, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. koz4guns

    koz4guns Active Member

    I'm using 3.9 grs of Clays for both, I was using 4.2 grs of WST but it seemed to leave a lot of unburned granules in the gun I didn't like.
  2. chiltech500

    chiltech500 Well-Known Member

    BDS and others referred to accuracy along with ballistics for the N310 so I ran a test this weekend. 14 shots from a Hyskore rest with chronometer tests concurrently. The table below shows results.

    There were 3 flyers out of an otherwise consistent pattern. Shots really were in a 1.5" group at 25 yards, between 749 to 781 fps.

    There were two shots high and 1 shot low that ruined the 1.5" group - these ballistics were the highest (818) and lowest (722 and 725) of the shots. These odd shots were about an inch outside of the tight group. I did not individually weigh bullets or powder, but headstamps used were the same - I wanted to mimic my normal prep.

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  3. velocette

    velocette Well-Known Member

    I did not have a chronograph when I shot bullseye. However my 1911 would give me consistent 1 5/8" groups @ 50 yards with 185 jacketed SWC Remington bullets. The groups at 50 yards with the Lee 200 swc cast as noted earlier ran at 1 3/4" as an average with an occasional round out at at about 2".
    All of this from a Ransome rest on a concrete pedastal. Always with the 3.8 gr of Bullseye.
    I tried all kinds of different powders but found none that would even equal, much less improve on the Bullseye powder.

  4. chiltech500

    chiltech500 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Velocette. I am told that N310 and Bullseye are close in load and accuracy. Many now use the N310. I find it much cleaner from my limited experience. Unfortunately I will always buy my bullets because casting just isn't an option for me and MBC is good for me for now. I do need to compare their 185 lswc with their 200. Total accuracy isn't such an issue, starting at almost 59, I don't think I will ever achieve high results, just looking to reduce variables :)

    Truth is playing with the chrono and rest and trying different loads and bullets is amusement of its'own sort.
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