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Bushmaster Predator

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by mec, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    I've been taking an un-obsessive approach to this. Most shooting done with S&B 55 Grain ball because it's available here cheap. Clocked 3107 fps average for ten rounds. Most of my fun/practice shooting is done from standing off hand or field positions.

    The scope is a 4-12 Nikon Monarch recommended by a local dealer. Nice clear scope that gives me good fast target acquisition on the lower setting. It being a scope, I have to avoid bumping it and the rifle not having fall-back iron sights limits versatility a bit. The butt trap has a good spare parts kit from Bushmaster and a GI cleaning kit.

    These ball loads tend to burst water filled liter jugs at 100 yards a bit better than the 60 grain LCC ball but I decided I wanted a softpoint load for occasional hunting.
    didn't have a bench when I checked these out and just used the Harris bipod.Ive gotten a .75" bench group with the Federal vShok 55 grain load but have never shot the rifle from one of those dedicated gun cradles everybody seems to be using now.

    Had much happy fun breaking clay pigeons at 100 yards. The rifle makes this easy for un-practiced shooters. Also found it to be a good walking around rifle
    If I find money burning a hole in my pocket, I may pick up one of their 20 uppers with standard sights and maybe an ACOG
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  2. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

    Nice rifle! Is that a 24" barrel?
  3. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    Naw. this is the 20 inch version of the Varminter. The varminter is 24
  4. Stinkyshoe

    Stinkyshoe Well-Known Member

    Nice rifle. I bet with tuned loads it should really put em' in tight. I've been thinking about getting one with a YHM foreend.
  5. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    I suspect you are right. quinn at gunblast.com tested the varminter and got some astounding groups.

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