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Bushnell- poor warranty

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by fatelk, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. fatelk

    fatelk Well-Known Member

    I recently sent in a Bushnell 4x32 riflescope and just got the new replacement in the mail. The original scope was a couple years old and never seemed to work right (it was on a 10/22). I recently got serious about sighting it in and realized that the crosshairs were rotating inside the thing.

    I looked up a phone number on-line and called Bushnell. I explained the problem and she said send it in, which I did. A new one came today, which is great, but on the packing slip it says "Please remit $10 for shipping and handling to the above address".
    There was no mention of this when I was told to send it in. This is a cheap scope that was obviously defective, and as far as I'm concerned the replacement would barely be worth the $5 it cost to send it in if it cost another $10 to get it back. I've never heard of a charge like this for a warranty of a defective product. I'm inclined to call tomorrow and tell them they can have their stupid scope back.:(

    Am I being unreasonable, or is this common business practice?
  2. DnPRK

    DnPRK Well-Known Member

    They replaced the scope at their expense (meaning they made zero profit) and want you to pay for shipping. Since Bushnell doesn't own the post office, it seems to be a reasonable request.
  3. 220_Swift

    220_Swift Well-Known Member

    My past experience with other companies dealing with warranty has been this. You foot the bill their, and they foot it back. Maybe I have just been lucky so far, but that has been my experiences.

    I would let them know how dissapointed you are that you were not told this up front and see what they have to say.
  4. Gator

    Gator Well-Known Member

    If it was a defective product you should have done something about it as soon as possible, instead of waiting two years. Some of Bushnell's scopes only have a one year warranty. I think Bushnell did pretty well by giving you a replacement.
  5. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    I would not pay the $10. I'm an honest man but the terms should have been agreed to or known prior to you sending it in. I would let them know why you aren't paying the $10 and why you will not be purchasing anymore of their products! Putting them on blast here is a good one too!
  6. bvchurch

    bvchurch Well-Known Member

    Strike my previous comments for now...


    It seems like they charge for repair...however I am reminded that with my Nikon binoculars, they offer a warranty (I think 25 years) against defects and what not from manufacturing, but if I recall correctly my paperwork stated that if damaged them myself, they would fix/replace them for $10. This policy seems similar in that if you had a damaged set, that were damaged by the consumer, then $10 seems fair, however for a manufacturer defect...I think they just need to pay for the shipping back to the consumer.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2007
  7. fatelk

    fatelk Well-Known Member

    I have to disagree. It was a clearly defective product. How can you expect to make a profit on a defective product? If I sold a defective product I would make it good at my own expense, whether I owned the post office or not. Had I known they wanted $10 to ship a junky scope, I would not have returned it; it would have gone in the garbage. The only info I got was "Send it in, we'll take a look at it".

    Some years ago I sent in an old Burris scope, worth many times more than this one. It was likely as old as I am, and I was not the original owner. They fixed it up as good as new and didn't charge me a dime.
  8. WNTFW

    WNTFW Well-Known Member

    I can relate & empathise.

    I had a Bushnell Banner Series that the crosshairs were moving around alot on a Brand New scope as far as I know. It came on NRA packge rifle that I won on a $20 dollar 10 gun raffle.

    I knew about the $10 bucks up front.

    A part of me understands it & a part of me says it should be done differently.

    I didn't like it, they made the defect not me. It does nothing to make me feel loyal to Bushnell on future purchases. If they had paid the shipping one way I wouldn't have any complaint. $10 seems a bit high, but then again shipping & handling adds up. Maybe that is the why some other scopes cost more in the 1st place. We don't know how many yoyos send back good scopes for warranty work that is not needed.

    I just figure at a certain point I'm out another 10 bucks. I wasted way more than that in time and ammo trying to figure out why I was getting flyers.

    I moved on to the next tragedy. Rings & bases were horrible.

  9. WNTFW

    WNTFW Well-Known Member

    Just call, be nice & give them the chance to not charge you. Let it be their idea, don't give them an ultimatum.
    You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
  10. eliphalet

    eliphalet Well-Known Member

    No and No would be my answer. Over the years I have sent several items to various company's for repair or service. Never have I had to pay return shipping. Bad company policy IMO.
  11. Oohrah

    Oohrah Well-Known Member

    Years ago I broke a horizonal cross hair on one. The dealer I bought
    it from handed me another that still sits on my 308 Win. Model 100.
    Most firearms related companies have changed ownership several times
    since those days. With each new scope Bushnell, BSA, and a couple of
    others the warrenty states there is a $10 charge for repair or replacement.
    I checked on an old KV Weaver cost for clean and restore the workings.
    The outside tube is not refinished and the above is only certain models. The
    cost just under $70 and I don't know if the postage is included. Don't know
    of any scope that sells for the $10 that you oppose:D
  12. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    most scope companies, do this. I've had a few myself, but in the end, was worth it.
    if you keep the origional paperwork that came with the scope, in some tiny print about returning for service, you find this hidden 10 bucks.
  13. the naked prophet

    the naked prophet Well-Known Member

    I had a defective Bushnell scope myself. Crosshairs would move around, chainging my POA, and the adjustment knobs on the turrets broke off.

    I took it back to Bass Pro, and exchanged it for a Nikon Buckmasters. Far better scope.

    I wonder how long it'll be before my Bushnell binoculars fail, and I can buy a nicer set of Nikons for the same money?

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