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Bushnell scope

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by kestak, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. kestak

    kestak Well-Known Member


    I bought a little while ago a cheap Target brand red dot for my AK-47. It did not last 200 rounds.

    I am forking already 1200$ for my SIG 556 for an ACOG. I am looking to put a Red dot that will last and keep its zero on my AK-47. I know I would not go wrong with EOTech or Aimpoint, but my wallet is heavilly suffering. What do you think about those Bushnell? Any advise?



    Thank you
  2. popeyespappy

    popeyespappy Well-Known Member

    The Bushnell Holosight is manufactured on the same L3 assembly line as the EOtech Holosights.
  3. kestak

    kestak Well-Known Member


    It is what I read. I just want to buy a good red dot/holosight that will keep its zero.

    The Trophy has a lot of good reviews and it looks like it keeps its zero. I am open to any suggestion guys.

    Thank you
  4. NC-Mike

    NC-Mike Well-Known Member

    Red dot for an AK?

    Try Kalinka Optics and look at the Kobras. Russian military.
  5. SHvar

    SHvar Well-Known Member

    If the bushnell scope you refer to is the 1x32 T-dot reticle, its a tough built and quality made sight. I bought one a while back and love it. At the time it was impossible to find one, and there was a few in stock in a place in Minnesota.
    I know someone who had the Bushnell holosight, he made more than a few people jealous when they found out they paid twice as much for their Eotechs as what he paid.
    On several rifles over the years Ive tried scopes from many manufacturers, and almost always went back to Bushnell.

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