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Busmaster Predator

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by mec, May 15, 2006.

  1. mec

    mec New Member

    Bushmaster Predator

    I've been walking by Stoner System rifles since they came out and have done pretty well without them. I have fired a few of them both semi and full .223 and 308. but am a dedicated non-expert.
    I bought this one based largely on Quinn's review of the bushmaster Varminter on gunblast.com. this one is the same basic deal with four inches less barrel. A local dealer gave me a fairly nice price on the package which includes a Nikon Monarch 4x14 and just under a thousand rounds of S&B Ball.
    What I wanted it for was casual shooting-plinking, rare occasional varmint shooting and the predictable increase in disorder and general unhappiness related to everything from gas prices to terribleism to systems interruptions because of acts of nature. This family of long arms makes some sense because you can pretty easily carry all the maintenance/repare stuff right there in the hollow stock and tuck away a reasonable life supply of ammunition. I was hoping for reasonable accuracy from el-cheapo loss leader civilian ball and pretty good accuracy with premium varmint/ target loads.

    Here's what I did in a 20 mile per hour multi direction wind sitting cross legged at 200 yards:
    Yeh, I know. You, the great pumpkins final expression can do a lot better but still, with a rube behind it, it's pretty definative.

    During momemtary lulls in the wind, I check out the Federal vshok 55 at 100 yards:
    I shot a couple of similar clusters with that ammo and some groups with s&B 55 grain ball that generally ran from 1.2=1.3" at 100 yards. A couple of groups were spread out and it may have been the ammo or it may have been the cyclonic winds that got up. The S&B seemed to want to shoot about like this:
    Very easy and pleasant to shoot. I was dotting the 8 ring and inward on a b 27 standing at 100 yards. with the scope set on 4 x it was easy to pick up the target and shoot with some moderate speed.

    I've read the manual and employed the recommended break -in cleaning drill for the first 60 rounds. (Chrome Vanadium unplated barrel). Have also avoided over heating the works by fanning the trigger and such.

    so far, it meets my hopes for such a rifle.
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  2. lycanthrope

    lycanthrope New Member

    Nice rifle. I like the flutes.
  3. mec

    mec New Member

    They say its the same barrel as on the DCM match model with the addition of flutes.
  4. hunt127588

    hunt127588 New Member

    I have the Bushy Varminter and it is a pretty accurate weapon. I would have gone the predator route had it been available when I bought mine. I'm not crazy about the 24" barrel but it shoots like it's on fire. You bought a nice AR....
  5. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    The Bushmaster Predator is pretty much their entry into the 3-gun game. The rifle will definitely shoot; but you might need better ammo than the S&B to get the full advanatge of it. Try some Hornady 55 Ballistic Tips or some 52gr JHPs and see how it likes those. You might also try the heavier 75 and 77gr rounds.

    As for the group, looks like a good honest group to me. My 10-shot group of Black Hills 77gr match from a match AR at 300yds was about 5"x8" today (prone in the dirt using Grippod).
  6. mec

    mec New Member

    " the 24" barrel but it shoots like it's on fire. You bought a nice AR...."

    I got to look at a couple of 24 inch jobs and like them just fine. I wanted a shorter one because I already have a Ruger 77 Swift with a .26" barrel.

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