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C&B Belly Guns

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by StrawHat, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. StrawHat

    StrawHat Well-Known Member

    In another thread, a member mentioned he liked the C&B belly guns so why not a thread about them? (Just the C&B snubs. Cartridge and conversions can have there own thread.)

    Here are three of mine.


    As much as I like the 1860, the balance of the 1851 is so much nicer and easier to carry. If I had it to do over, I would leave the 1860 with a 4"barrel. The 1847, well, it is easier to handle then a full sized one but still a lot of weight!
  2. 4speed

    4speed Well-Known Member

    Here is one of mine. In fact the only one. :eek:

  3. StrawHat

    StrawHat Well-Known Member

    4speed, that looks like one of the CVA Pocket Police kits. Did you put it together?
  4. 4speed

    4speed Well-Known Member

    No I bought it on GB a while back. It looks like it had a loading lever in its former life so I assumed it was a cut down 1860. It is a 44.
  5. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    All I've got that qualifies



    I bought a 7" .44 Navy (yeah, I know Navys didn't come in .44) with the
    intent on cutting it down, but it shoots better than the 5" on the gun now, so
    I kept it un-cut. I may still cut that barrel if I get another navy some day.
  6. Rojelio

    Rojelio Well-Known Member

    4speed, that looks like an 1862 36 cal. police to me. Looks like a 5 shot cylinder instead of 6 like an 1860.
  7. 4speed

    4speed Well-Known Member

    You may be right at least partially. To be honest I never really paid much attention to the cylinder I just glanced at the barrel and since it looks like a 44 caliber I assumed it was an 1860. In any case it looks cool in a case on my wall along side of a real 1849 relic.
  8. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Well-Known Member

    Cool .
  9. 4speed

    4speed Well-Known Member

    Just a wee bit larger. :scrutiny:

  10. StrawHat

    StrawHat Well-Known Member

    4speed, is that the relic you referenced in post #7?
  11. 4speed

    4speed Well-Known Member

    No that is a Paterson. This is the relic. Here's pics. Sorry if they are a might little blurry.



    Last edited: Feb 6, 2013
  12. Loosenock

    Loosenock Well-Known Member

    Here's one I cut down and "antiqued" .44 cal. unknown Italian manufacture.

    Pietta "Avenging Angel" in .44 cal.

  13. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN Well-Known Member

  14. 4speed

    4speed Well-Known Member


    Loosenock, Good work. Is that "Avenging Angel" a factory gun?

    BHP, Both reeeal fine. I favor the one on the left. What was it born as?

    How do you R&R the front sight?

    I'll have to find me a couple of cheap beaters and practice. Looks like it might be fun.
  15. Loosenock

    Loosenock Well-Known Member

    4speed the "Avenging Angel" is a factory produced model. I can't remember when they were being produced but I think they are discontinued now. The brass piece with this one is the factory supplied loading tool. The loading lever and hardware not being on the snubbies.

    If you have some time you might want to check out the "Replica Purcussion Revolver Collectors Association"s site at


    It might take a little to be able to navigate around in the site at first but it is well worth quest.

    I got the front sight for mine from Dixie Gun Works and carefully filed the dovetail on the barrel with a small triangle file.

  16. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN Well-Known Member

    4Speed, that was a factory stock .36 caliber version of the Avenging Angel made by Pietta as a companion piece to Loosenock's .44, but they used Pietta's ''1862 Police'' which is actually an 1861 Navy [the difference being that it's built on the Navy six shot frame rather than the 1849 pocket model's frame as a five shot, like the actual Colt was] I then modified it by mating an Uberti ''Thunderer'' [the .357 on the right] grip frame and grip from VTI Gunparts to fit. I had to widen the slot the hammer goes through, as the Pietta hammer is beefier, and enlarge the holes as Pietta used larger screws where the grip frame attaches to the action, or the actual frame of the revolver itself. I had thought it would be a straight across parts swap, but I ended up with about six to eight hours of 'smithing to get it to work!
  17. 4speed

    4speed Well-Known Member

    BHP It sure is a looker. If you ever decide to switch from BP to stamp collecting let me know. :D

    Loosenock I have been to that site numerous times however none of the images come up on my 'puter', and I have tried four different browsers and all my stuff like flash etc. is up to date. All I get is a ? where the image should be. :confused:
  18. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN Well-Known Member

  19. jeepnik

    jeepnik Well-Known Member

  20. rodwha

    rodwha Well-Known Member

    I'm curious as to the barrel lengths of the posted pistolas.

    I've keep eyeing the 3 1/2" barrel Taylor's sells for the Uberti '62 Police. Makes it more of a "pocket" gun. But Cimmaron also sells a 4 1/2" version without needing anything extra...

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