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CA buying and selling questions

Discussion in 'Legal' started by david000, May 21, 2005.

  1. david000

    david000 Member

    I'm in the California bay area, and I need to sell my guns. I have 3 handguns and 1 shotgun. If I were to sell all 4 of the guns to one individual, would he be able to get all of the handguns at once, or would he have to have the FFL hold them and release one a month?

    Also, I have ammo that I need to sell, too. Is it legal in California for an individual to sell ammo to another individual (9mm and 12 gauge ammo)?

  2. justsurvivingincalifornia

    justsurvivingincalifornia Well-Known Member

    Hello Dave
    The transfer Regs. are one handgun per month unless you are lawenforcemnent or someone else special.

    Also no Hicap mag (11 rounds or more) sales even if you bought them before 2k. It's best to go to your local dealer (FFL) Jackson Arms and Tabor Shooting Supplies do consignment.

    Ammo: As long as they are over 21 for handgun ammo and 18 for shotgun/rifle ammo no problem.
    You might try to sell you stuff at a gunshow, not sure if it worth the trouble though.

    Oh, just wondering what do you got for sale?????
  3. Kruzr

    Kruzr Well-Known Member

    The one handgun per month is for a new gun from a dealer. Private Party Transfers are not limited to one a month. You can sell them to the same person at the same time but you better call the FFL first. There is extra paperwork involved and some won't do them.

    From Calif. DOJ FAQ's:

    7. Is there a limit on the number of handguns that I can own or purchase?
    While no limitation exists for the number of handguns that you may own, you are generally limited to purchasing no more than one handgun in any 30-day period.

    Handgun transactions related to law enforcement, private party transfers, returns to owners, and certain other specific circumstances are exempt from the one-handgun-per-30-day limit.

    (PC section 12072(a)(9))
  4. david000

    david000 Member

    I posted a message in another thread to try and get a feel for what I should ask for them:


    (It's a G17, Sig P239, CZ75B, and Win1300)

    I'll probably see if I can find somebody from the bay area who's willing to buy it all to save time and hassle and shipping.

  5. Jim Diver

    Jim Diver Well-Known Member

    The book How to own a gun and stay out of Jail by John MacHtinger the 2004 edition (2005 had no real changes so a new copy was not released) will answer all your questions.
  6. EOD Guy

    EOD Guy Well-Known Member

    If the dealer sells handguns, he is legally obligated to process private party transfers. The only dealers that do not have to do private party handgun transfers are those that do not sell handguns. All dealers must do private party transfers for rifles and shotguns.
  7. bountyhunter

    bountyhunter member

    If you have guns to sell in the Bay Area, post them for sale here:


    And you can buy/sell as many PPT handguns as you want, no time limits.
  8. david000

    david000 Member

    Thanks, I put them up for sale on the THR Buy Sell and Trade Handguns forum, and I also posted them on the calguns forum.
  9. billwiese

    billwiese Well-Known Member

    This is only applicable to your G17 and CZ75, but:

    ...Just remember that you cannot sell any "high capacity" magazines - that is, those holding more than 10 rounds - within CA, with certain limited exceptions (LEO, etc.) You can sell the hicap mags to an out of state party, however. If selling in CA, get some 10 round magazines for these guns and sell them w/these mags and sell the hicaps out of state.

    Or, keep the hicap mags so if you ever get a Glock or CZ again, you'll still be well-equipped.

    Sorry you have to sell your guns. Any other way you can find some $$?

    Good luck,

    Bill Wiese
    San Jose CA

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