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CA legal Bushmaster Carbon 15

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Nick Buie, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Nick Buie

    Nick Buie Member

    I have been eying a bushmaster carbon 15 at my local shop for a while, now I live in the great state of CA and I'm really interested in owning the closest thing to a real AR15 in this messed up state. I was just wondering if any other fellow californian's own one or have shot one. It is a quite expensive, but I think it would be worth it. Any info will help. Thanks
  2. Foxtrot427

    Foxtrot427 Well-Known Member

    how much is it? They are light but apparently have a problem with feelramp pitting at 2500 shots.
  3. Nick Buie

    Nick Buie Member

    At the place I shop the price is $997 but I do alot of business there so "my" price is $900. I've seen them a bit cheaper but it was a chain store and I like giving my business to mom and pop places.
  4. GTKrockeTT

    GTKrockeTT Well-Known Member

    at your own discretion, you may want to check out www.calguns.net and do some due diligence on the "off-list lowers."
  5. Nick Buie

    Nick Buie Member

    Cali Bushmaster? Anyone?

    Anybody else ever had any experence with the CA legal Bushmaster Carbon 15? I checked out www.calguns.net but really found no mention of it. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, but still any info is very apprecieated!
  6. crazed_ss

    crazed_ss Well-Known Member

    Not too many people have one. They're down to 900 bucks which isnt bad I guess considering they're made out of my expensive material. I held one at the range and it felt real nice. The few people who have bought them say they work and go bang when needed.

    The nice thing about it is it's blessed by the DOJ. The bad thing about it is the magwell is sealed pretty much permanently. So if you move to a free state, you would have a hard time converting it to a normal rifle. Some people say you can take a saw/dremel to the receiver and open the magwell.. sounds like a lot of hassle to me.

    If you build your own off-list AR, you dont get that blessing and there is a chance you could get in trouble with it, even if it's built to the letter of the law. BUT, if you ever leave California, it can easily be converted to a normal AR-15.

    If I were in the market for a CA, I'd get the Carbon-15. I dont plan on moving anytime soon.. and if I did move, I'm sure I could find someone to buy it. The major thing for me would be knowing it's completely and approved by the DOJ.

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