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California is lost. Vote Libertarian!

Discussion in 'Legal' started by yy, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. yy

    yy Well-Known Member

    I'll vote for Badnarik, the Libertarian presidential candidate.

    and why not? The golden state is so solidly Dem-locked that voting Republican is throwing my vote away. I might as well try to send a message to the Republicans to take Libertarian issues seriously.

    dont you hate that most counties in cali are Republican, but the sheer number of dem votes in the big cities skew the state.

    conversely, don't you love how the dems cater to the class/racial war by the blacks and the latinos in the big cities and at the same time disarm those population for the occupation army, er, I mean police?

    To clarify, police officers *should* chafe at the situation that renders the police an occupation force that pacifies the ghetto population.

    /rant on/
    Me, I'm southeast asian, I just have to swallow my pride, pay my taxes, work like a dog, and get ignored. Can't even get sympathy for discrimination nowadays. (reference to UC school system keeping asian numbers down and black and latino numbers up)
    grumble grumble...
  2. Das Pferd

    Das Pferd Well-Known Member

  3. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    Republicans and Democrats are the exact same thing. Can anyone tell me how Arnold differs from Doofus?
  4. Destructo6

    Destructo6 Well-Known Member

    He can make a decision.
  5. TamThompson

    TamThompson Well-Known Member

    A decision to...PUMP...YOU...UP!

    Sorry--that one was just too cheap and easy, so I went for it. :)
  6. VaniB.

    VaniB. member

    Yea, cause you'r state is screwed up like New Jersey, and Masachusettes,
    you'll see if you can take away those few precious votes from Bush and
    screw me too. Makes as much sense as chanting "Ross for Boss."

    I wish the Libertarians would go smoke their dope quietly in a corner somewhere with the other fringe Green Party dwarfs, while the rest of us here continue to engage in reality, which is writing and calling the Republicans to continue to end the AWB. That my little dreamer is life and reality.

    For the benefit of YY and his friends, all together now:
    .......Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds......Lucyyyy in the Skyyy with Diamonds........ L... S.....D..iamonds.......
  7. Linux&Gun Guy

    Linux&Gun Guy Well-Known Member

    I love how lots of new members spout off against the libertarians. I think its because they have yet to be exposed to other ideas here and so still don't understand the nature of the beast(republican party)
  8. deej

    deej Well-Known Member

    Can someone please explain to me how voting Libertarian in California will somehow propel Kerry into the White House?
  9. Scottmkiv

    Scottmkiv Well-Known Member

    It can't possibly. A lot of people just get squeemish about the idea of true freedom.
  10. kulika

    kulika Active Member

    I'll vote for Badnarik, the Libertarian presidential candidate.


    Do this and you might as well vote for Kerry. If you think things are bad now, then you are contributing to the problem and not the solution. The way to influence politics in this country is to get involved in one of the major parties, not just gripe about them. Since you are a member of this forum, I have to assume that you care about your gun rights. Voting for the Libertarian party only increases the likelihood that the state swings for Kerry and you know how he wants us to kowtow to the UN.

    Sure, let Kerry win and then you have no one to blame but yourself when our military puts on their pretty blue UN helmets and we allow our sovereignty to be abrogated in favor of United Nations fiat. Then, let us see if Kofi Annan doesn't tell us what we can and cannot own for self-protection.

    Why do you think the Democrats do not want Nader, the Greens and the other lefty third parties to take away their votes? If you truly want to protect your rights, then do not waste your time with a third party that cannot even get elected dog catcher.
  11. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    Sympathy??? Face it:

    1. having napalm dropped on your villiage
    2. Running away to a refugee camp in Malaysia then coming to California on a slow boat
    3. Being raised by your older brother because your parents were working odd jobs to make enough money to start their own businesses...to have them torched during the LA Riots.

    None of the above are good enough.

    You just haven't suffered that much hardship, besides, aren't all you Japanese people rich?

    Affirmative Racism :barf:

    PS I'm still waiting on reparations from the Chinese Exclusion Act.
  12. fjolnirsson

    fjolnirsson Well-Known Member

    How does taking votes from Kerry (who
    will win CA regardless) hurt you in your state? POTUS is not decided by popular vote. Electoral votes are what counts.
    Just curious. I could be wrong. I have been, on occasion.
  13. Rebar

    Rebar member

    I think VaniB. is unclear on the concept of the electorial college.

    Most likely a victim of "public" education.
  14. ProGlock

    ProGlock Well-Known Member

    Hell I am a new member here and I live in Texas, a state will for sure be sending its electoral votes for Bush. But I am voting libertarian. I like Badnarik's answers to a lot of the major issues we as a nation face today, and quite honestly, his answers are very well-thought out, candid and actually make sense.
  15. JCampGCO

    JCampGCO Well-Known Member

    And it is that same BS close minded knee-jerk generalization that make people like you no different that the tree hugging liberals that we are trying to defend our RTKBA from. Voting for left wing dems and repubs is a wasted vote since you are contributing to the very thing we are fighting. You might as well switch sides now.

    Bush and Kerry don't deserve my vote and they will not get it. And when one of them gets re-elected and takes away our RTKBA and our other freedoms I will have every right to yell and complain at the situation that YOU created because you were too close minded and sheeply enough to vote for the "lesser of the two evils". If these same people here that whine about wasting a vote on a 3rd party would find the testicular fortitude to actually grow half a brain and stop seeing things two dimensional, then maybe we can save whats left of the constitution by actually putting into office someone that gives a rats arse.

    United we stand, divided we fall... man am I starting to feel too old by listening to the same gibber gabber bibble talk from close minded "lesser of the two evils" voters.:banghead:
  16. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Unless the election in Colorado is extremely close, I'll vote Libertarian this November. I can't tell the Republicrats from the Democans even with a score card.
  17. swifter

    swifter Well-Known Member

    Rave on, little libbies...:D

    Just remember this:

    The moment the Libertarians acquire enough political clout to be a viable alternative to the jackass or dumbo parties, they will find their party hijacked by the same power-mad dirtbags that made you hate the other parties...:evil:

    Political power draws 'em like feces draws flies... And there's not a thing you can do to stop it. Easier to take over the dumbos, gang!:what:

  18. JCampGCO

    JCampGCO Well-Known Member


    First, welcome to the United States of America. I hope you find your personal liberty, posperity, and happiness you seek to succeed in your life.
    I hate to break it to you YY, but your ethinicty is the least discriminated aganist in this country. If anything your dispised by many hard working Americans because of the money and "tax breaks" you can get from the government to start your own business because of your refugee status. I mean no offense to or any other Asian. I have been to Vietnam (not the war) and seen how oppressed those people are and it is a shame they don't have freedom cause most of them are decent human beings and deserve better.

    If your seeking the most discriminated ethnic group in the US, then look no further that the person next to you, the person you may see walking down the street, or the people you see in the grocery store. It is the White men and women of this country. Anyone can argue different all they want, but the simple fact is I have seen on many occassions where two people have tried to get a job, one a white, and the other a different ethinicity and they are both equally qualified and the person of different ethinicity gets it all the time. Need money for college??? No problem if your any ethinicity other than white. Been there done that. Need money to start up a business??? Well if your white and not an immigrant, nor have the support of any group NAACP, ACLU, then tough luck. Hell I have even seen at my former job two white people get fired for fraternization, but when a black and white couple was terminated for the same thing, a simple call to the EEOC fixed that and they were back to work within a week. I could go on and on.

    And what is this BS to where any other ehtinicity group is refferred to as a "African American", "Hispanic American", "Japenese American", ect. Either you are an American or not. There are 3 classes of people in this country: American Citizen, Resident Alien, and Illegal Alien. Thats It! This political correctness makes me sick as a dog:barf:

    Furthermore, why is it when a foreigner comes to my country, America, I am expected to speak their language. But yet when I was in Vietnam, Mexico, Germany, and Singapore I was expected to speak their native toungue???:fire: :cuss: :banghead: /Rant off
  19. JCampGCO

    JCampGCO Well-Known Member


    A great man once said; "The tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots from time to time".

    Learn it and take a lesson from it
  20. twoblink

    twoblink Well-Known Member

    Basically, I can vote Repub, and waste my vote, or vote Lib, and at least sleep at night knowing I voted my principles, of which neither party seems to have..

    PRK is a lost cause, and so might as well vote Lib, what do you have to do?

    Hey, it's not like the state went from a bumbling doofus of a gov'nerd to a bad actor with a bad accent who can't make a decision unless it is scripted and handed to him by the Kennedy's errr.. I mean the Shrivers...

    The main difference I see is that with voting libertarian, if they are on the lib ticket, I don't even need to know their names. I know what they stand for. With the jackasses and dumbos, I have to plow through on a name by name basis, because neither platform has a leg to stand on.. and the variance between one candidate from another of the same party is like night and day...

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