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California (LA) "Ban on Shotgun sales assailed"

Discussion in 'Legal' started by cuchulainn, May 28, 2003.

  1. cuchulainn

    cuchulainn Well-Known Member

    from the Whittier Daily News

  2. 4570Rick

    4570Rick Well-Known Member

    The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact where better to learn firearm safety (gun violence prevention) then at a facility with the equipment and personal at the ready.:mad:

    Or do they, the supervisors, have other motives?:scrutiny: :banghead:
  3. CGofMP

    CGofMP Well-Known Member

    Elmer Fudd....

    Are you listening???

    ANYONE that thinks the agenda for gun control advocates (translate that gun prohibitionists) is NOT going to include shotguns had darned well better read betwen the obvious lines.

    If you have a friend that does not understand your antipathy toward having your "black baby killer rifle" confiscated show him this.

    The rest of us were here a couple decades back...

  4. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Wrong. Los Angeles county promotes violence with firearms by turning criminals loose time after time after time after time after time.
  5. Frohickey

    Frohickey Well-Known Member

    I like your Join or Die flag.

    Maybe someone with artistic talents can make another one, instead of the N.E., N.Y., P., etc, use Hunters, Trapshooters, Handgunners, Benchresters, etc.
  6. CGofMP

    CGofMP Well-Known Member

    If we were nto right in the middle of doing three sites I'd ask my artist to do it.

    If someone has not done so when we finish these three I'll do just that. Interestingly I was thinking along the same lines, and thought about doing it with some form of long arm instead of snake...

  7. Sisco

    Sisco Well-Known Member

    Maybe the ban is actually about all those Saturday ChiCom full auto 410 ga assult shotguns they were probably selling.
    Those trap shooters are a radical bunch you know.
  8. geekWithA.45

    geekWithA.45 Moderator Emeritus

    Note the implicit "Sporting Purpose" Argument

    It's OK to sell shotguns for clay shooting, is one of the subtexts of this article.

    What about defense of self, property, and liberty?

  9. Mark Tyson

    Mark Tyson Well-Known Member

    Shotguns will be next after "assault weapons", no doubt about it. They'll start with the semi-autos like the Benelli S90 Tactical model and similar ones. Then the "military-style" shotguns like the Mossberg 590's, ones with "no sporting purpose".

    Everyone knows how brutally effective shotguns can be at close combat.

    I wish the hunters and other gun owners who think it won't happen to their guns would wake up.
  10. 50 Shooter

    50 Shooter member

    Good ole Zev Youraslobsky, he cost the tax payers 1.6 Million with the Pomona Gun Show crap. Not to mention all the lost revenue for the locals and vendors at the show.

    Now this idiot is going to cost us another 13 Mil if this club wins, which it more then likely will.
  11. Frohickey

    Frohickey Well-Known Member

    That $13 million and $1.6 million should be taken from Yaroslavsky's wages. :cuss:
  12. MrAcheson

    MrAcheson Well-Known Member

    No next will be handguns. Following that are larger caliber hunting rifles (.308 and etc.). The cry will be "they're sniper rifles." "They don't give the animals a sporting chance anyway."

    Semi-auto shotguns and especially rifled slug guns will be after that. Hell even the russians were allowed to own smooth bores (i.e. shotguns) during the height of the Cold War.

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