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California: some modest proposals for gun control

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Silent Bob, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. splattergun

    splattergun Active Member

    I am completely fed up with Kalipornia, and New York, for that matter.
    I have already been boycotting Levi Strauss (haven't put on a pair of Levi's in 26 years) and several other Kalipornia companies for their anti-gun support, now I am giving up on the entire state to the extent possible. I just cancelled my vacation to San Diego. Maybe I'll go to a Gulf state instead.

    I know that it is not possible to completely avoid business with the Peoples' Republic and the Gothic Empire, but I do have a good measure of discretion where I spend my hard earned dollars and, where ever possible, I will keep mine away from them.
  2. kwguy

    kwguy New Member

    These idiots do not care about logic. It's like Rorshach in the movie the Watchmen. The world is being run by "An abbatoir full of retarded children". These are our politicians. They are putting our whatever stupid nonsense they can. This whole Newtown thing has become a thing of the past for them, and this monstrosity of proposed legislation has taken on a life of it's own. Do not try to apply logic, for it will not work. If you ask "why" or "how does such and such make sense", you have already lost. There IS no logic or sense in what they are trying to do. All we can do is keep trying to influence OUR politicians to not let this craziness take hold...
  3. rgwalt

    rgwalt New Member

    Thanks for the info everyone. It isn't the bullet button itself, but the fact that it is used to transform a removable magazine into a fixed magazine. Banning the bullet button effectively closes the detachable magazine loophole.
  4. BK

    BK New Member

    Yeah you had better think twice about that one. Texas is getting closer to 50/50 ratio in national polls. Once it turns blue, there will never again be a president with an (R) beside his name.
  5. Evergreen

    Evergreen New Member

    Californians never go to Texas, they always come to Oregon, Idaho and Washington. Half the population of Idaho and Oregon now are ex-Californians. Sadly, not always the good ones. I don't like all the Californians, as many of them are liberal refugees. But I detect that many good and freedom loving Californians will be making there way up to Washington and Oregon.

    I just want to give you guys a welcome and sorry if I mistake you for one of those other type of California refugees.

    Basically, Oregon got all the liberal California refugees and Idaho got all the conservatives. But I detect that many of the Californians coming here will be on the conservative side with the new measures being implemented.
  6. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Active Member

    5. No bullet buttons. ARs and AKs currently possessing them will be declared assault weapons and made illegal
    8. No more detachable mags, must be fixed to gun, removable only by tool, possible 6 round mag limit

    Seems like number 5 and number 8 contradict each other.
  7. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Active Member

    Arizona will take some of them conservatives. The liberals can stay in Cali though....;)
  8. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard New Member

    I never dare scoff, because in CA I honestly don't know, what are the odds of any of this passing?
  9. firesky101

    firesky101 New Member

    I had heard the initial bullet button bill was shot down, so I am not sure how likely something much more restrictive will pass. I would not be surprised if this passed, but more and more CA laws are being challenged in court. Hopefully one day we will have our 2A rights restored.
  10. runner55

    runner55 Member

    Assault ammo? Apparently the only ammo considered safe is the type that doesn't exit the firearm. Next: Assault toothbrushes!
  11. DAP90

    DAP90 Member

    I believe in California the Democrats currently have a supermajority in both houses. It could pass.

    Those proposals are flat out crazy.
  12. SunnySlopes

    SunnySlopes New Member

    Obviously you've never been to Austin. They say you can see Texas from Austin.
  13. tomrkba

    tomrkba New Member


    500 rounds this week, 400 next week, 100 the week after, 10 by next month.

    I vaguely recall Californians stupidly registering some "assault" weapons, only to have them made illegal a short time later. If they're dumb enough to register, I have little sympathy.

    Mandatory liability insurance for gun owners means gun ownership will be priced out of the reach of the average person and act as a form of registration. This is what NFA 1934 did to machine guns, suppressors and SBR/SBS.

    California gun owners know what they need to do to stop this. I doubt they will be effective. It's really a shame.
  14. JRH6856

    JRH6856 New Member

    Considering how many Okies went to California during the Dustbowl, it would be something of a homecoming. ;)
  15. Voyager

    Voyager member

    I thought KA was already safely pacified with some of the most ridiculously harsh gun control in all of creation, I guess I was wrong, and so too were those of you who thought you could compromise with those liars. Liars who have no intention of ever compromising on their agenda, which has always been abundantly clear as to what it is, except of course to those of you, who always seek compromise.
  16. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Active Member

    On the bright side, there wouldn't be any shortage of them.
  17. ApacheCoTodd

    ApacheCoTodd New Member

    Yeah, they love their disarming or assaulting buzz-words:
    Common Sense
    Realistic, etc...

    They use these words to show how (pick the word above and insert here) they are and ad an "un" to the front of the same word to attack anyone not agreeing with their very enlightened position.
  18. HankR

    HankR New Member

    Well, first you need a list of people that have them. Like, a registration list. Thank Ged all we free Americans have to worry about this time around is closing the gun show loophole. I'm sure that confiscation thing will never happen out here in flyover country </sarcasm>
  19. Silent Bob

    Silent Bob New Member

    Banning "bullet buttons" will take care of the ARs and AKs for California residents.

    The "no detachable magazine" proposal to me would seem to apply to all new semi-automatic pistols and whatever semi-auto rifles can still be sold in California, and possibly extend to older ones after the NEXT mass murder.
  20. browneu

    browneu New Member

    They limit the number of rounds for a magazine. Want said magazine fixed. Then they want to limit you to the worst defensive round of FMJ. Self defense just went out the window.

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