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Californians Plan Anti-Legislation Protest

Discussion in 'Activism' started by ronwill, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. ronwill

    ronwill Well-Known Member

  2. TooTaxed

    TooTaxed Well-Known Member

    Good for them! Not enough protest is being done...
  3. TraderJack

    TraderJack Active Member

    I sent them an email to show my support of their cause. I hope they have a good turnout.
  4. SoCalShooter

    SoCalShooter Well-Known Member

    Wish I could go but thats not going to be possible.
  5. dvcrsn

    dvcrsn Well-Known Member

    Socalshooter, there is a very good way that you can help--go to the legislation portion of www.calnra.com and use the one touch system to send emails to everyone.
  6. Yellowfin

    Yellowfin Well-Known Member

    Also something you can do is join Californians for Concealed Carry Rights on Facebook and Myspace, and get everyone you know to do the same. Links are in my sig. Here's our mission statement.
  7. KenpoProfessor

    KenpoProfessor Well-Known Member

    Most California gun owners are not interested in protesting in person. They elect to abdicate that responsibility to someone else, most notably the NRA.


    I've seen the people on Calguns put down some of the other gun rights orgs. for taking more extreme measures, and they blaim them for the Microstamping Bill that passed. I was also banned from that site for letting them know that a prominent Calguns member was also a contributor to Obama's campaign to the tune of $500. Hmm, gotta wonder why they have the laws they do huh?

    CA is a lost cause, I saw the writing on the wall and got out last year. They will let the legislators run them into the ground because most are not willing to do the legwork themselves to get grassroots efforts off the ground. I moved because the activism wasn't there, they just wanted to email, fax, and phone call. Me, I wanted to be on the doorstep of the Capital building.

    Here in Phoenix, we are attempting to organize a protest march against the ATF actions taken here against Cav Arms. But, with the recent actions against XCalibur, wouldn't be prudent at this time, however, it is in the works.

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

  8. MarcusWendt

    MarcusWendt Well-Known Member

    You divulge the financial transaction of another member and got banned? What a shock. And now you're here talking them down, what a shock.

    Something to remember is that CA is a very large state. It's not always easy to make the 5-8 hour drive to the state capitol which happens to be a in city that is quickly becoming a total hell hole.

    I enjoy how you say that CA is a lost cause right after you ran away from the fight.

    Good luck in AZ.
  9. KenpoProfessor

    KenpoProfessor Well-Known Member

    It was on a public site, I found the name and went :eek::eek: , Huffington Post list the names of contributors to all candidates.

    I lived 6 hours from Sac. in Riverside, and I was willing to make the drive because I wanted to do something substantial. Others are not, did you read the post in the link?

    Yep, call me a coward, but now I live in a state where my 2nd Amendment is barely infringed (meaning NFA toys are still available, you just gotta pay the taxes) . I also own many of the guns that were felonies to own in CA, or, that you couldn't get thru normal channels because of the Unsafe Handgun list. I express my 2nd amendment freedom daily when I CCW or Open Carry.

    BTW, here's some more CA taxation without representation.


    Have a great non gun carryin' in CA Kenpo day

  10. TraderJack

    TraderJack Active Member

    I left San Francisco in '84 - I just couldn't take it anymore. The town was overrun by gays, liberal zealots and charlatans. Most blue collar jobs and many white collar jobs were lost to the 'restructuring' of city economics.

    After landing in Sacramento, I felt comfortable for a few years - until Gray Davis was elected! Thank goodness the recall succeded! But we were left with the 'governator'. A classic wolf in sheeps clothing. I had to get out. I kept visualizing Ah-nold, Pelosi and Boxer coming for my guns! Left 4 years ago.

    I'm with KP, call me a coward if you want, but CA is gone... and so am I.
    There is no hope in restoring the Golden State to it's former glory. I miss the weather and my friends, but that's about it.
  11. MarcusWendt

    MarcusWendt Well-Known Member

    O.K., I'll take it back... right after you post a link to One grass roots effort YOU started. Show me where YOU organized a protest. Show me that link and I'll apologize.

    I don't think leaving CA is such a bad thing, but if the only reason you leave is because of the gun laws and then you mock others for the way they fight while you yourself ran, well, you know what that makes you.

    The OP sent his support, others mock us. The OP is a small part of the solution, the others....
  12. romma

    romma Well-Known Member

    Too Bad simultaneous protests couldn't be pulled off in San Diego, LA,San Fran, and Sacramento at the same time and garner some media attention...

    Or could they?? :)
  13. TAB

    TAB Well-Known Member

    i was there for about a hour.
  14. MarcusWendt

    MarcusWendt Well-Known Member

    I believe they could, it would just take some serious organization and commitment.

    If freaking illegals can march in L.A. protest for illegal rights they've done nothing to earn, than I think we should upset traffic, block doors, impede progress to protest our state taking away our constitutional rights.

    As I think about it, our thing could be this.

    We block the entrances to doorways of elected officials offices. We make them call police, but when the police get there, right before they are going to arrest us, we move stating "We actually obey the law, unlike the criminals that will ignore the law you are proposing".
  15. crebralfix

    crebralfix member

    We already know that *most* CA gun owners aren't interested in really interested in fighting for their rights. If they were, there'd be politicians hanging from lampposts.

    It's as simple as that. Force will be required in California and the gun owning population is not interested in paying the blood price.
  16. MarcusWendt

    MarcusWendt Well-Known Member

    ***??? Unlike where? In what other state has blood been flowing in the streets in the name of 2A lately?
  17. crebralfix

    crebralfix member

    I guess you missed the words "will be required" in the post.

    Never mind the changes at the Federal level that will be required to limit state action. Hopefully, we'll see the incorporation of the 2nd Amendment into the 14th Amendment with Heller. Such a ruling will eliminate many California gun laws. However, the decision still needs to be enforced...I don't see CA politicians giving up their laws easily.
  18. KenpoProfessor

    KenpoProfessor Well-Known Member

    I'm not searching through all my posts where I suggested such a thing, you're welcome to. Besides, I was also attempting to do such things off the internet, like gunstores, where the FFL had too much to lose if they took part. DOJ BOF has everyone so scared they refuse to take action.

    Gun laws were not the only reason, the ILLEGAL alien problem, legislators gone wild with ridiculous laws to control and inhibit citizens in every action, LEOs gone wild with no knock warrants and traffic stops that yield arrests for legal guns, etc., etc. ad nauseum. I mean c'mon, when they make it ILLEGAL to put a fireplace in your new house or attempt to pass laws so the gov. can regulate your thermostat? Yea, someplace I wanted to stay :what:

    Oh, and thanks to CA we have Feinstein, Boxer, and Pelosi in the Fed gov. mucking things up there for the rest of us.

    Have a great non gun carryin' CA Kenpo day

  19. TraderJack

    TraderJack Active Member

    What was your impression of the event TAB?
  20. MarcusWendt

    MarcusWendt Well-Known Member

    What rest of us? Did you not say you used to live here? You were a Californian. Didn't you vote?

    Thanks to the MAJORITY of Californians we have....

    Don't go painting all of us with the same brush and don't go criticizing the way we fight since you took yourself out of the fight.
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