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Call NOW to Support TX Concealed Carry on Campus! SB 354!

Discussion in 'Activism' started by TXSCCC, Apr 11, 2011.


    TXSCCC Member

    Dear Campus Carry Supporters,

    I want you to take a minute and look at what our opponents are saying on their website:


    Do you see the headline claiming, “We are SO close”? That’s our opponents claiming that they’re “so close” to defeating the bill for which we’ve worked so hard.

    Are you going to let our fear mongering opponents delay campus carry for another two years (or possibly forever)?

    Call the offices of these five Senators BEFORE 1:00 PM today, and voice your support for SB 354:

    Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr: (512) 463-0127
    Senator Mario Gallegos, Jr. (pronounced gah-YAY-goess): (512) 463-0106
    Senator Robert Duncan: (512) 463-0128
    Senator Chuy Hinojosa (pronounced ee-no-HO-suh): (512) 463-0120
    Senator Carlos Uresti: (512) 463-0119

    Calling all five will take less than five minutes.

    Even if you’ve already called each of these Senators fifteen times, and even if you just called them each fifteen minutes ago, call them again. Be courteous and professional, but be firm about your support for campus carry. Tell them you DON'T want to see an amendment that would allow public colleges to opt out or any amendments exempting whole campuses.

    If you want to send faxes (highly recommended), you’ll find the Senators’ fax numbers here: http://www.txdirectory.com/online/txsenate

    Remember, you can use FaxZero.com and MyFax.com to send free faxes from your web browser.


    TXSCCC Member

    If you are out of state, you can tell these senators that you will not send your children to Texas Colleges if they are not allowed to defend themselves--that you will send them to Arizona, Colorado, or Utah instead where criminals are not protected and students are not made defenseless prey for violent criminals.

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