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CALL TO ARMS: Ammo Ban And Registration Proposal Coming to a State Near YOU.

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by Pat-inCO, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. greenr18

    greenr18 member

  2. w_houle

    w_houle Well-Known Member

    Can we get a facepalm emote?
  3. colorado_handgunner

    colorado_handgunner Well-Known Member

  4. S&Wfan

    S&Wfan Well-Known Member


    . . . and their slogan is "Saving Lives, One Bullet At A Time.":confused:
  5. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Guys, this is something like the 5th or 6th thread on this. I just merged two threads on it in Activism Discussion so since this is just an "FYI" thread instead of proposing any beneficial action I'll merge it with the other two.
  6. GoodKat

    GoodKat Well-Known Member

    This is ridiculous, if you planned on killing someone, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't care about it being illegal to remove the markings.
  7. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    The vast majority of murders are not with semiauto handguns so the idea that you'd have casings laying around that you could trace if absurd.

    This is a product and it's promoters are trying to create interest in it as a solution to a problem. The fault with that is there is no problem so they have to promote the thing.
  8. moooose102

    moooose102 Well-Known Member

    You know, this thing is so stupid, it is actually likely to be passed. Y'all had better write your reps!
  9. TooTaxed

    TooTaxed Well-Known Member

    I recently debated with a local anti-gun group...was invited to a "discussion", found myself the one pro-gun guy against sixteen rabidly anti-gunners. They believe this ammunition bill is the best thing since Free Money...even if not feasible! They really don't care...:banghead:...just so long as it does away with people having guns or being able to fire them.

    Write your Congress people...both federal and state!...as they may not pay attention to EMAILS. But do both...
  10. AllAmerican

    AllAmerican Well-Known Member

    Whatever Maxim guy....

    Everyone I know does know. See I belong to an org where we had this defeated last year as it never made it out of committee. I guess I shouldnt make a blanket statement since I guess "everyone" here may not be up to speed and are ignorant. Thats a shame really.

    Just so you know, Im quite involved in politics and am even planning a run in my state so Id like you to not worry about how much I know or dont know about the data.

    The fact is is that this has been defeated in every state so far. There is no use talking about it until it comes up again. Our energies should be focused on the prefiled bills that are there for this year.

    If the ammo thing is on your states list then by all means it needs attention and needs to be defeated. It hasnt come up again in all the states yet.

    Thanks for playing. You've been a wonderful contestant.
  11. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Dead in AZ the first time, and has NOT been re-introduced in the new AZ legislature yet.
  12. TooTaxed

    TooTaxed Well-Known Member

    ALL AMERICAN, you might clarify this for me. It is my understanding that ********** has bought into this...certainly their Attorney General...and New Jersey, last I heard, was strongly inclined to adopt it. So, or not so?
  13. 7.62X25mm

    7.62X25mm member

    "Ahhhhhh jeez . . . I'm outa ammo."

    "Hold on a sec. I got a box in the truck for ya. You can spring for the next pizza."

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