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Can anyone identify this gun?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Slimjim, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Slimjim

    Slimjim Well-Known Member


    Was posted on another forum. IT may be a rifle, or a shotgun, i dunno which. Just wondering if anyone can identify it. The guy cant find markings on it.
  2. boofus

    boofus Guest

    That thing is truly ugly. :eek:
  3. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Looks like a sorta home made Brown Bess with a breech problem!! :p :rolleyes:

    Whatever - it is fugly! :D
  4. Third_Rail

    Third_Rail Well-Known Member

    Looks like some sort of rolling-block action. That's all I can provide.
  5. cracked butt

    cracked butt Well-Known Member

    That's the first gun I've ever seen that I'm actually afraid of :eek:
  6. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    Looks like a home-made barn gun using parts from other guns.
  7. Mike Hull

    Mike Hull Well-Known Member

    The action seems to be a Remington rolling block, or at least it's copied from one if it's not.
    The trigger appears to be missing, and the guard is misshapen. the metal from the receiver forward appears to have suffered traumatic injury in the past, etc.

    It maybe one of those Paki/Afghani copies made by smiths in the Kyber pass region.

    Does it have any markings on it? Rifling in the barrel, etc?
  8. db_tanker

    db_tanker Well-Known Member

    First rolling block boat paddle I have ever seen....

    I am considered a guy who takes chances in my local group...but I don't think I would be able to produce the cojones to shoot that beast.....

  9. joab

    joab Well-Known Member

    So you didn't like my Bannerman pieces parts shotgun theory
  10. absolute0

    absolute0 Well-Known Member

    It even looks like a step down from the gun Cpt. Kirk fashioned from scratch to kill that monster on an episode "Star Trek"
  11. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    I'd venture it's an Arab made (or modified) Remington Rolling Block in .43 Remington. The fittings look hand made, as does the stock.

    Some bedouin likely sold that to a tourist when he got his new Enfield.
  12. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Well-Known Member

    I think I can go along with Dr. Rob on this one. Looks like a rolling block action mounted into a tree branch.

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