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Can I lose my Carry Permit and 2nd Amendment rights if

Discussion in 'Legal' started by sharpshooter74, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. sharpshooter74

    sharpshooter74 New Member

    Can I lose my Carry Permit and 2nd Amendment rights if I got into an unarmed altercation? Especially in the State of Georgia?
  2. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan New Member

    yes possibly.

    would depend on the variables.

    convicted of assault?


    dont get into an altercation.
  3. ztnedman1

    ztnedman1 New Member


    As in you start fighting someone, they are kicking your ass and then you pull your gun out?


    Or is it an argument that get heated and you want to make the guy **** his pants?


    Your firearm is for your protection and self defense, not as a bargining chip.
  4. sharpshooter74

    sharpshooter74 New Member

    I've got neighbors that like to start **** with me on my own yard. They just talk so much ****, that I just want to walk up to them and knock them out. I've called the cops on them a couple of times, but it's to no avail because no real crime was committed. I have refrain from doing such a thing because I don't want to lose my gun rights. But if they do try to put their hands on me, damn straight I'm going to defend myself.
  5. murph50

    murph50 New Member

    The cops have been called about this. May be a good idea to get a restraining order against them. Then if they cause any problems --the cops will take care of it.
  6. OurSafeHome.net

    OurSafeHome.net New Member

    sharpshooter74 needs to move. If you are in the Atlanta area, there are all sorts of "Move In Specials" that offer free rent for the first "x" months, etc.

    Be smart. Stay out of trouble. Grow a thicker skin.
  7. 5whiskey

    5whiskey New Member

    sharpshooter, I've been through the same deal (actually a little worse, my neighbors wanted to come on the property and pee in the mailbox at 1 am). The best thing you can do is to smile and wave. Act like you don't even acknowledge their existence. When you do that, they'll either get bored and feel like they punked you (which is childish, if I can make someone feel like they punked me by my silence and I avoid a conflict, then I'm happy with that), or they'll escalate the situation by coming into your yard. Give them legal "no trespassing" notification, and press charges if they come on your property again. It doesn't sound "manly" but it really is your best recourse.
  8. jfh

    jfh Active Member

    Clearly, it's time to move.

    Jim H.
  9. duckman007

    duckman007 New Member

    In Georgia, if you are convicted of a felony, you will lose your carry permit. Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery are both a felony in Georgia, whereas Simple Assault and Simple Battery are both a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor, in and of itself, will not cause a revocation in your carry permit. However, a conviction for a forcible misdemeanor or a violation listed under the GA Family Violence Act may very well result in the loss of your permit.

    The above quote is from GA Code 16-11-129 and states who can not obtain a permit.

    I hope this helps.
  10. sharpshooter74

    sharpshooter74 New Member

    I guess I have no choice but to refrain from doing anything stupid. Unfortunately yes I live in the Atlanta Area of Clayton County. I'm surrounded by ghetto, uncivlized people of all races that can't seem to respect their neighbors. I might as well move out. I've been here long enough. I give up.
  11. MarineOne

    MarineOne New Member

    File a complaint. Do this everytime the police are called. Once there are enough complaints to warrant a restraining order you can file for it.

    You can file the complaints under various terms but you should also look into the laws and statues in your area to see what else you can claim like a few of the following:

    - Disturbing the peace,
    - Public nuisance,
    - Threats against my person/property,
    - Public intoxication (if they've been drinking),

    You can also contact your HOA, if you have one, and file a complaint against these folks there as well. Most HOA's meet monthly, so make sure you've got documentation like police reports, video tape the incident(s) with day/time stamp (most digital camcorders have this feature), and your other neighbors.

    It also sounds like a good time to make a neighborhood watch.

    The best part is you've got your CCW, so when the police show up and ask for your ID you show them your CCW card as well. This shows the officer you're not the typical neighborhood jerk and puts the spotlight on your goofy neighbors.

  12. KingTiger

    KingTiger New Member

    This does all the explaining you need to do. :eek:

    I like E. Cobb county. ;)
  13. DHJenkins

    DHJenkins New Member

    Next time it happens, get your lawn chair, face it towards them and videotape them.

    They'll more than likely do something stupid like threaten you, expose themselves or tresspass.

    The key is - don't say a word. Just sit & film.
  14. duckman007

    duckman007 New Member

    I'm very familiar with Clayton County and know exactly what you're talking about. Clayton has one of the most diverse racial compositions in the country. Unfortunately, it seems that the races collectively decided to dump those who represented their race in a negative manner into Clayton. White, African, Hispanic, Asian, doesn't matter, anyone who can be considered scum seems to flock to the area. I have friends and business in the area, so I'm there often. Move out! Your neighbors are only a small part of the equation, there are so many other pressing reasons to get out of the area. While some small parts of the county are still nice, I would never consider going through Clayton unarmed. Never! This is literally one of the worst crime areas in the state, if not the country. And the worst part is that they flaunt it!

    One other thing, anyone who is familiar with Clayton will know that what would be good suggestion in a civilized area, just won't work in Clayton. MOVE OUT! It's the only thing you can do.
  15. yeti

    yeti New Member

    Always the best course of action.
  16. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama Active Member

    Welcome to responsibility.

    What's wrong with your neighbors though. They just don't like you, or something happened?
  17. Hammer21B

    Hammer21B New Member

    sharpshooter, I've been through the same deal (actually a little worse, my neighbors wanted to come on the property and pee in the mailbox at 1 am).

    Put a rattlesnake in the mailbox! That'll stop em! "what'd the doctor say?"
    "Doctor says you're gunna die!"
  18. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    Talk to the law in your area and ask what recourse you have if asulted with just fist. You know just a good ole ass whippen. Most states will take you to jail if you pull that gun for over a fist figh. Now if a pipe or bat?? bang. Be safe ,lossen your rights is the least of your concerns. Assault with a diedly weapon, murder, just of a couple things that come to mind.
  19. mgkdrgn

    mgkdrgn New Member

    That is pretty much a good policy no matter what the situation is.
  20. jim in Anchorage

    jim in Anchorage Active Member


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