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Can somebody in the military bring home a legal captured weapon?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Dreamcast270mhz, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Dreamcast270mhz

    Dreamcast270mhz Well-Known Member

    Just wondering, and not like a full auto AK, like a TT pistol or SKS as one might capture after a skirmish in Iraq or Iran. My friend, whose shipping out to Iraq in May, said he did not know so I wanted to know are you even allowed to?
  2. justin 561

    justin 561 Well-Known Member

    But also read: http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=27640
  3. bayhawk2

    bayhawk2 Well-Known Member

    I don't think so.I have however,heard of soldiers breaking
    the stuff down to a small size and shipping it home
    that way.A trigger assembly here,a forearm stock there,
    a magazine in this package,etc.Don't know if it's still
    true today,but heard it happened in past wars.
  4. Dreamcast270mhz

    Dreamcast270mhz Well-Known Member

    Hmm... Thats stupid
  5. WardenWolf

    WardenWolf member

    Short answer is, not anymore. There's no legal path to get a captured weapon back home anymore. That is sadly a thing of the past. I'm not sure who we have to thank for that, either.
  6. Travis McGee

    Travis McGee Well-Known Member

    Until at least the Viet Nam era it was very common to bring enemy weapons home. My father in law brought home two Japanese Arisaka rifles, a Nambu pistol and two samurai swords. My next door neighbor brought home a German Luger.
  7. Dreamcast270mhz

    Dreamcast270mhz Well-Known Member

    So why is it exactly illegal to bring back a rifle that you can legally own in the states?
  8. EddieNFL

    EddieNFL member

    Several years ago a USAF major tried. He may be free by now.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2011
  9. Dreamcast270mhz

    Dreamcast270mhz Well-Known Member

    So I wonder if it would be illegal to bring back a PSOP scope from iraq?
  10. justin 561

    justin 561 Well-Known Member

    From the Defense.gov article.
  11. Dreamcast270mhz

    Dreamcast270mhz Well-Known Member

  12. BleysAhrens

    BleysAhrens Well-Known Member

    I knew a Marine who brought back a few pounds of gold items back from the last Iraq invasion..
  13. fatcat4620

    fatcat4620 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like thw key here is don't get caught.
  14. Weapons captured have been legitimate war trophies for individual soldiers for almost 200 years in this country. Having served during the Viet Nam years, I find it unnacceptable today, that some bureaucratic and military leaders have "decreed" that this can no longer be. The military may not be a democracy, but I say let either the people of this country or the serving soldiers decide by a vote if weapons should be allowed to be brought back as souveniers. If every person ready to enlist, and every soldier ready to re-enlist refused to do so until this personal respect and sovereignity for service rendered by our fighting men is restored, then I would be behind them 100%. I would not serve again until they paid me that right/courtesy, and a few other points of respect that have also been lost along the way in the name of "political correctness". If it was good enough for our founding fathers, my grandfather (WWI), my dad (WWII), and for myself, then it should be so for the men fighting in our behalf today.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2011
  15. justin 561

    justin 561 Well-Known Member

    ^^ And face: (meant for fatcats post)

  16. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Well-Known Member

    I may be wrong, but I don't think it was ever legal. I just think that now they actually enforce and look for it. I know my grandfather told me that the Walther PP he brought back, and gave to me before he died, that he had to sneak it back and that was obviously WWII. So it was done and done quite a bit, but I think people kinda looked the other way then. With the politics around guns now I think that the military has really cracked down on it.
  17. Tim the student

    Tim the student Well-Known Member

    Generally speaking, no. Well, a bayonet was no problem for me, but that isn't what you're asking about.

    I have heard of guys legally taking weapons back from Afghanistan, but I think only bought, not captured. Only antiques too.
  18. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    Generally, gun parts are a red flag/bad idea.

    BLACKHAWKNJ Well-Known Member

    The rule in Vietnam was that you couldn't bring back anything full auto-an AK-47, e.g., or had originally been US-an M-1 Carbine, e.g. For front line troops the usual procedure was as you were outprocessing they let you pick something out of pile, filled out a form labeled "War Trophy" or something like that, and you were good to go. Higher ups, people who worked in transport, etc. had their own ways of bringing things back. No sneaking things through in duffle bags, we-us lower ranking types-didn't have them. You turned in all your TA 50 at your unit, left your ratty jungle fatigues and boots there, you (at least I did)-wore a set of khakis with a small AWOL bag. I did bring home a Chinese Type 54-copy of Soviet M1944 all wra
    pped up.
    Again, different today, from what I have gathered the troops aren't allowed to bring anything back.
  20. chihuahuatn

    chihuahuatn Well-Known Member

    BLACKHAWKNJ there were a few dozen Chicom AK-47, that were Vietnam war vet bring backs that made it in before the 68' law went into effect. Vietnam bring-back AKs have been known to turn up from time to time and command a previous in price.

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