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Canada: "Ottawa forced to loosen deadline"

Discussion in 'Legal' started by cuchulainn, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. cuchulainn

    cuchulainn Well-Known Member

    Note the phone number and email address. ;)


  2. cuchulainn

    cuchulainn Well-Known Member

  3. ExpatGator

    ExpatGator Well-Known Member

    My Kids school activism

    Part of my kids' Monday homeschool lesson will be Activism. Taking a page from the lefties I will immerse the kids in a good old-fashioned fax, phone and email blitz. This will be our small part in an effort to clog the crud in the Canadian registration system.

    Think globally, act locally, or whatever those tofu munchers say.

    I feel sorry for the folks across the border who are up against this. OTOH, I think that they have taken the casual approach for too long and are reaping the bitter fruits of inaction, and trust of their government.

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