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Canton Ohio Wants To revoke CCW permits

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by the_skunk, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. the_skunk

    the_skunk Well-Known Member

    A Canton Ohio cop has threatened to kill civilians in two seperate instances. CNN news carried the story. A Canton city councilman defended the rogue LEO, and wants the CCW law revoked.


    Today, OFCC calls on Allen Schulman and Daniel Harless to immediately resign from their positions as president of the Canton City Council, and member of the Canton Police Department, respectively. Their recent conduct demonstrates that they are no longer worthy of the public trust.


    Schulman told Fox 8, "We've received hundreds of e-mails, all from out of town, not only out of town but out of state, Texas, Arizona, places that seem to love people carrying concealed weapons."

    Schulman said the case illustrates the inherent dangers of Ohio's concealed weapon law, which he calls, "crazy "I believe in people's right to bear arms, but I believe in rational, reasonable gun laws, and these concealed weapons are going to create a lot of problems", said Schulman. "And my biggest concern is, it's going to end up killing people."

    Canton Cop Unleashes On Driver -- WJW .... Video

    2nd Video of Angry Canton Cop -- WJW ...video

    Driver Says Right Were Violated By Canton Police Officer - WJW ...VIDEO
  2. SleazyRider

    SleazyRider Well-Known Member

    Schulman apparently feels that out-of-towners have no business commenting on Canton's internal affairs. I say baloney. As long as we have the right to enter Canton, it not only becomes our business, but it becomes incumbent upon all citizens---regardless of residence---to provide commentary and pressure to right a wrong.

    I am writing to the Canton City Council tonight at:

    Cynthia Timberlake
    218 Cleveland Avenue SW
    Canton, Ohio 44702
  3. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Another out of touch elite liberal politician. Hopefully the voters turn him out soon. Doubly hope lawsuits prevail against the city and the officer, triply hope the officer can be prosecuted for the terristic threats and actions done under color of law.
  4. the_skunk

    the_skunk Well-Known Member

    The CCW laws are here to protect honest citizens. This jerk should resign. This was all over Fox News on national TV tonight.
  5. Snowbandit

    Snowbandit Well-Known Member

    He's right about one thing, someone's going to get seriously hurt or killed. Their officer Harlass appears to be a loose cannon and either he's going to shoot someone or someone is going to have to shoot him in self defense. They better deal with this issue now, before something really bad happens.
  6. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    Like I posted in one of the closed threads... the fault lies not just with Officer Harless but with all Officers who witnessed his behavior, Harless' supervisors, his Chief, and... at the time I wrote "perhaps" up to the Mayor. Well.....
  7. bushmaster1313

    bushmaster1313 Well-Known Member

    Would he rather people exercise their right to bear arms by open carry? :rolleyes:

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    Bet they got a union thats why he still on the force. He has had several complaints and still their . That to me says union or a total corrupt police force.
  9. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Rants and FYI's don't meet the requirement for Activism threads. Without a plan to actually try to accomplish something there's not much that this thread can contribute so I'm moving it to General.

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2011
  10. El Mariachi

    El Mariachi Well-Known Member

    This should be a no-brainer-----how many of us private business owners here would continue to employ this Harless idjit, knowing that he has already proven himself as to be borderline psychopathic? Holy-crapola, the possible legal ramifications alone are enough to make the hair on my neck rise.....
  11. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    I lived in Ohio for several years (1992-1996) and I was shocked at the anti-gun attitude by elected office holders. The big cities had horrendous gun laws and the cops were overzealous to say the least in enforcing them.

    As soon as someone uses the word "reasonable" in the debate the speaker has identified himself as being dedicated to destroying the 2nd Amd. See the moron... I mean councilman's comments. The fact that he would defend this cop's actions is unimaginable.

    BTW- Mr. Schulman has made his contact info public so I assume he appreciates hearing from concerned citizens who wish to politely express their opinions.

    Allen Schulman. Address: 3519 Culver DR NW Canton, OH 44709. Home: 330 492-5409
  12. spelsh

    spelsh Well-Known Member

    There has been a lot of NE Ohio news coverage on this issue. OFCC has been following this very closely. There has been talk of a meet and greet in Canton, but I am under the impression that they are going to be patient and wait to see how this all unfolds before organizing.

    Letters and emails have been flowing in to Canton City Council and to the Police Chief!!
  13. TexasBill

    TexasBill Well-Known Member

    Allen Schulman is the president of the Canton City Council. When he's not being a public embarrassment to the city, he's a personal injury lawyer.

    Ms. Chris Smith, who has a doctorate in cosmetology (really!), is the chairperson of the Canton City Council's public safety committee. That committee would have direct oversight the Canton Police Department.

    William J. Healy is the mayor of Canton and a former Ohio state representative. His contact information is as follows:

    The Honorable William J. Healy II
    Mayor, City of Canton
    P.O. Box 24218
    Canton, OH 44701
    (330) 438-4307

    Dean L. McKimm is Chief of Police, to contact him, write or call:

    Dean L. McKimm, Chief
    Canton Police Department
    221 Third Street S.W.
    Canton, OH 44702
    (330) 489-3111

    I am not going to post the specific links here, but you can get the City Council contact information at the City of Canton website City Council Member Directory.

    Should you choose to contact any of these people, please be high road. Be courteous, don't foam at the mouth, use racial or ethnic slurs, or say or write anything that could come back to haunt you (Schulman's an ambulance chaser, but he's also an attorney). Above all, while the council members' home phones are listed, do not call those numbers. Schulman has already shown he is capable of being totally irrational; don't fan the flames or give him ammuntion. Besides, their families have nothing to do with this and do not deserve to be upset or bothered.

    If you write a letter, keep it short, ideally no more than three paragraphs and never more than a single page. Be to the point and check your spelling and punctuation. We want to come across as intelligent and being literate is a very good way to communicate that.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2011
  14. El Mariachi

    El Mariachi Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm concerned, if an elected official posts his contact info for all the public to see, then it's open season. E-mail blasts, post cards, letters and phone calls stating your opinions regarding this fiasco are all legit means to get the word out that the people running Canton are borderline Un-Americans. Thanks to a very popular AM radio station here in Hell-A hosted by 'Normal Californians', this technique has proven to be very effective for exposing our insane politicians who want California to be more like England. I for one derive great enjoyment utilizing the telephone.......:D
  15. TexasBill

    TexasBill Well-Known Member

    Canton isn't La-La-Land. Anything you say can and will be used against us in the court of public opinion in Ohio, potentially putting Ohioans' gun rights at risk. At the moment, public and media opinion seems to be in our favor but rants, e-mail blasts and such can be made out to be harassment, especially coming from out of state. Don't make Schulman's case for him; he and Daniel Harless went over the line and we don't need to give them any rope they can use as a lifeline (or to hang us).
  16. paramedic70002

    paramedic70002 Well-Known Member

    Are there any tourist spots in Canton? Perhaps a polite note to them expressing your reluctance to visit while these ***** and policies are still in power would get the ball rolling.

    Here are the two that would draw out of town visitors:

    Professional Football Hall of Fame, Canton
    2121 George Halas Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708-2630
    330 456 8207
    No contact email noted.

    National First Ladies' Library, Canton
    205 Market Ave S, Canton, OH 44702-2105
    Patricia Krider, Executive Director, pkrider@firstladies.org
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2011
  17. psyshack

    psyshack Well-Known Member

    Where is the NRA on this mess?
  18. This is what the State of Ohio SHOULD do, in response to Canton and their over-the-top police officer: As the State has amended the law previously, to bring it more in line with the plethora of other states that already have fine, working CCW laws, Ohio should further amend this law to REQUIRE LEO's to immediately ASK persons being stopped if they are carrying any weapons. Along with possible physical control and close observation, this would keep the officer at the ready and get to the point immediately, instead of ignoring subjects, searching cars, and having other less important stuff on their minds. Address weapons and the issue/possibilty of weapons first (to include frisks when deemed necessary), and THEN on to other things, such as reasons for the stop, arrests, warrants, etc. I would like to see the first burden of the presence of weapons addressed by the OFFICER, since apparent procedures differ so much from one jurisdiction to another. If the officer initiates the query, and raises the issue of weapons, he either gets the right response, or THEN arrests for illegal CCW, deception (giving false information, etc), or other crimes. It would be a very fast and simple solution to a what CAN be a very serious problem.
  19. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    Ahh, heck. Ohio is becoming a fascist state. Lets dig it up and ship it to China.:evil:
  20. Mike, Ohio just moved up on the list of GOOD CCW states from no citizen CCW about 7-8 years ago to recent legislation tht permits being armed in restaurants that serve alcohol. That is more permissive than a lot of other states, when combined with relative ease and cost of getting a CCW license. Reciprocity is growning, too. Beats hell out of CA, NY, MI, MA, PA, etc. Now if we can just train our cops to be professional......

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