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carcano rifles

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by favorite .22, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. favorite .22

    favorite .22 member

    went to a pawn shop today and saw a few carcano rifles in good shape. the guy wanted 50-60 $ for them. my question is what are they usually worth? and how availible is the ammo.overall what type of rifle are they? oh yeah and about how much does the ammo cost? all comments are welcomed. thankyou:)
  2. telomerase

    telomerase Active Member

    Go here. There's a couple of different models & calibers, scroll down.

    Good luck on the ammo for some of them...
  3. Niner

    Niner New Member

    The price is right...but the ammo is expensive unless you roll your own...and...you will need some special clips to load it because the rifle doesn't have a magazine as such. However, if you get around the difficulties they can be fun to shoot.

    If you are just getting into Milsurps, a Nagant would be as cheap to purchase and the surplus ammo is not nearly the problem to find or afford.

    Oh....as to what kind of rifle they are..... Lee Harvey Oswald used one on a shocking day in American History in November of 1963.
  4. telomerase

    telomerase Active Member

    The shock of course was that he had "Bubbaed" a precious $20 milsurp by adding a scope and an extra team on the grassy knoll.
  5. artech

    artech New Member

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