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Carry and travel thru VA, TN, AR, and TX???

Discussion in 'Legal' started by cpileri, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. cpileri

    cpileri Well-Known Member

    I am leaving MD.

    There, having said that I would like the concise info on where in the vehicle a firearm can be legally and how it must be secured?

    I do not yet have a ccw in any of those states.

    I know I will have to leave them in the trunk, locked up, disassembled, welded shut, and encased in kryptonite while in MD.

    But what about the other states?

    Reason i ask is my buddy, a TX native, says that back when he lived there you could have a loaded firearm in the driver compartment (i.e. within reach) but not concealed on your person, if you were travelling in the state where travel was defined as proceeding through at least 2 counties with intent to continue on. Is that still true? was it ever?

    Just want to know if i have any legal rights (remaining) while a traveller.


    p.s. i am also starting a thread about 'travel and home defense' laws: specifically if when staying at a hotel/motel is it legal to use a firearm for defense of you and yours (or me and mine, as it is.)?
    It would be fine to just answer that here as well- make this a double topic thread!
  2. Roc_Kor

    Roc_Kor Well-Known Member

    In VA, firearms need to be unloaded, in a case, and out of reach of anyone in the car, (IE the trunk, or the back seat if it's only you and/or 1 passenger.)

    I think there's a sign that says something about firearms when you cross the Potomac from DC to VA, but I forget.

    Happy travelling.
  3. cpileri

    cpileri Well-Known Member


    Is that VA law for handguns or all of them? I know guys used to have rifles on a rack behind their heads in their trucks.
  4. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    "Specifically, Virginia statute allows the presence of a loaded handgun "about your person" in a vehicle, so long as it's not "hidden from common observation." In practice, this means a gun may be carried on the dashboard or the front passenger's seat." - from Guns and Ammo IIRC

    I wouldn't recommend the dash, it might fall on your foot or out the window. If you put it on the seat just be sure you don't throw anything over it - it needs to stay in plain view.

    If the gun is in a case, bag, pocket or box it needs to be in the trunk.

  5. cpileri

    cpileri Well-Known Member


    Checked packing.org and it looks like
    VA: loaded handgun or longgun in plain view in reach OK
    TN: denied. must be unloaded, out of reach, separate from ammo
    Arkansas: nada. must be unloaded, out of reach, seperate from ammo
    TX: loaded handgun or longgun in plain view in reach OK, but varies with jurisdiction!

    Yikes, how many jurisdictions wil I be going thru?!?!?! I dunno.

    Can't find anything about the hotel rooms, though.

    Anybody know?
  6. Moparmike

    Moparmike Well-Known Member

    In AR, I traveled from basically the OK/AR line to Nashville, TN. I had my guns in unlocked cases in the trunk, some not in cases but unloaded in the trunk floor (AK & shotgun) right next to big ammo cans, all in the trunk. Perfectly legal.

    I even showed them off to a TN State Highway Patrol Officer and he was like "Nice guns." Naturally, he wanted to know where I was headed, and I told him "Nashville. Just going to hang out with some friends, and 30-40 of us are going to the range." He said "Well, have fun and be safe. Have a good one!" As he drove off.

    So dont worry about it too much. If you stay in a motel room, lock and load. No cop here is going to bust you for it. Just dont speed through Faulkner County. Cops near Conway are always itchin' to bust someone.
  7. MuzzleBlast

    MuzzleBlast Well-Known Member

    Arkansas has a "peaceable journey" clause, unless it has been removed. It doesn't mean you can't be arrested, but gives you a defense in case you are.
  8. sm

    sm member

    I'm in AR

    Muzzleblast brings up just one example, in only one State.
    Heck I still don't have an answer From State Police on a question I asked 4 years ago...they don't know , pointing fingers, dragging feet.

    What I did / Do when I travel :

    - Packing.org is NOT always current. Use the Contact person listed for those states you will be traveling through, if they have one.

    -Contact Respective states and get the current info. Websites are NOT always current. Have the current information , sent to you , a SIGNED letter from AG or some authority is best.

    -Make copies, and mark these as copies, have originals ( yes two sets) one with you and one with trusted friend ( attorney is wise) .

    With so many changes, amendents, and all that can occur , it is difficult for Various LEO to actually know. It is not their fault. Small town Sheriff and pro gun climate versus Highway patrol in a anti enviroment.

    If one is polite and courteous, has documentation in the event something happens. Like a fender bender or car trouble, showing reponsiblity and going the extra step to be educated will go along way.

    My last trip back from "up east" I brought back 19 handguns and ~ 2 cases of ammo. Besides my 2 CCWs and 2 shotguns for personal use. No problem.

    After the fact - visiting with 2 LEO from Ohio, one was pro gun and we had a nice visit, the other was anti, staunch against folks having guns, he would of had a field day busting me. He made that very clear. These 2 were here in AR for a seminar, different jurisdictions, different attitudes and interpretations of the law.

    The question was asked " hypothetically". NO wonder I felt so much better when I hit the KY line.

    I have AR resident and Non-Fl license/permits tho.

    I came back from TX once with 10 shotguns and 4 handguns, I had shot clays with a Sheriff Deputy and a State LEO officer. I basically had a front door back home. They were heading to AR for a conference. I just had to keep up! We made good time from "down around" Galveston. Gave Hwy 59 a "run for the money".

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