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cast 45 acp problem

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Hammer47, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Hammer47

    Hammer47 Member

    Loaded some 200 gn cast bullets using 5.2 gns and increasing by .2 gn up to a total of 6.0 gns with Accurate #2. The accuracy at 25 yds was great, 8 of 10 in the 10 ring and the other two would be solid 9's. This was indoor rested on sandbags. The problem was that the loads were real smokey. Using the same loading with jacketed bullets, the accuracy was not near as good but there was no smoke. What gives? Love the accuracy, hate the SMOG. Any idea where the problem lies?
  2. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    Its your bullet lube burning.
  3. Hammer47

    Hammer47 Member

    Is this normal and can it be overcome?
  4. loadedround

    loadedround Well-Known Member

    Try several different lubes and select the lube that works best with your load...less smoke.
  5. Hammer47

    Hammer47 Member

    These bullets were purchased from Grandmaster Bullets and the lube is red. Since I don't cast I must purchase. Wonder if Grandmaster offers different lube?
  6. Maj Dad

    Maj Dad Well-Known Member

    I haven't encountered any lube that doesn't smoke - some are worse (if you don't like smoke) than others. I have always enjoyed the aroma of gunsmoke, whether lube-enhanced or not :cool: If it's giving your position away, it's a different story :eek:
  7. Hammer47

    Hammer47 Member

    Truthfully, I have no experience with cast bullets, they just seemed like a low cost alternative. I suppose I could live with the smoke and it would not be a problem out doors but it is a bite indoors. I must say that I am impressed with the accuracy and was surprised that the cast was more accurate than the jacketed loads. When it comes to concealment, a 300 Whisper with a can and never exceeding 1050 fps at the muzzle with a 220 grain match boattail has always seemed like a fine idea to me.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2009
  8. sqlbullet

    sqlbullet Well-Known Member

    As has been identified, it is the lube. If you search over at cast boolits, they may have some lube recipes that will be less smokey. Seems like I have read something to that effect there.

    The smoke doesn't bother me, so I don't really pay much attention to solutions I have seen.
  9. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Sorry, ignorant question...but what happens when you shoot bare lead bullets without lube? Does it foul the barrel? I literally gassed people out of the indoor range last time after shooting 200 rounds of my TC 9mm.
  10. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    The lube is there to lubricate your barrel and not foul it up. Without it, it will lead up.

    I only shoot outdoors and only shoot cast lead bullets so it's not a problem for me.
  11. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    If the smoke is that big a problem in your indoor range I'd get my lead levels tested. It is fairly obvious youre not getting enough clean air, maybe the filters need to be changed.

    BTW most of the lead comes from the primer not the bullet base.
  12. Hammer47

    Hammer47 Member

    The smoke is not a huge problem, I am unfamiliar with shooting cast and was frankly not anticipating the smoke problem. I can overlook it as long as it is normal. Our ventilation is very good I just wanted to be sure there was not a problem here. I find it is wise to ask instead of assume. Hell, I even stop to ask directions.
  13. 243winxb

    243winxb Well-Known Member

    Some extra smoke can come from powder, 700X is one of them. Try Alliant Bullseye for light to mid-range indoor loads with cast.
  14. glockmon

    glockmon Well-Known Member

    Lubes with Alox will smoke a lot, that's why I avoid them. try to find out if they are lubed with it ?
  15. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    There's also a problem with breathing smoke from alox, rise in blood pressure I believe. Not positive about this, someone research it out please.
  16. ReloaderFred

    ReloaderFred Well-Known Member

    Some have tried American Select powder to reduce smoke when shooting lead bullets. I use Bullseye myself, and the combination of bullet lube and Bullseye can produce plenty of smoke in the right conditions, but it doesn't generally bother me. All my shooting is outdoors.

    Hope this helps.

  17. fourdollarbill

    fourdollarbill Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the range needs better ventilation. I use LLA and heavy at some times and man can it smoke. But the range has a good vent system that evacuates it before you can breath it.
  18. Radaray

    Radaray Well-Known Member

    Like the Major, I too enjoy the smell of gun fire. It brings back memories of when I first started shooting .22s when around 7 or 8 years old. That smell of nitro has not changed in all these years. But, unlike the Major, I don't like the smell of most bullet lubes, but I don't find them offensive.

    If there are any out there that doesn't produce smoke, I haven't found any. Most have a waxey base, and wax produces smoke when burned. As for powders? I've never paid any attention to how much smoke they produce. I never use any of the fast burning powders for jacketed loads, so I wouldn't see much smoke. I know Unique leaves a lot of partially burned flakes behind, but I never noticed any more smoke with it.
  19. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    The cast bullet smoke and smell makes my testosterone levels rise.

    It's quite habit forming.
  20. Noveldoc

    Noveldoc Well-Known Member

    I love the smell of burning lube in the morning...


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