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Castle Doctrine Package Headed to Michigan Senate!

Discussion in 'Legal' started by sm, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears

    Castle Doctrine Package Headed to Michigan Senate!

    Friday, April 28, 2006

    The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed important self-defense legislation on Tuesday, voting in favor of the four-bill “Castle Doctrine” package that had broad bi-partisan support.

    HB 5142, by Representative Tom Casperson (R-108), passed on a vote of 91-15. HB 5143, by Representative Rick Jones (R-71), HB 5548, by Representative Tim Moore (R-97), and HB 5153, by Representative Leslie Mortimer (R-65), all gained House approval on a vote of 90-15. This legislative package allows law-abiding citizens to defend themselves in places where they have a right to be without fear of criminal prosecution or civil liability. The four bills have been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Please call your State Senator at (517) 373-2400 and ask him or her to support the “Castle Doctrine” package.
  2. Kodiaz

    Kodiaz member

    Nov 13, 2005
    Palm Beach County
    Great let's have the criminals live in fear. Way to go. I can't wait to see next year's Brady grades.

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