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CB Bullets

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Brian-M, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Brian-M

    Brian-M Member

  2. ljnowell

    ljnowell Well-Known Member

    Why pay more for their bullets when you can purchase from a member of this board? Missouri Bullets is a great company that will actually ship your order within 24 hours. No waiting weeks on end from them. Prices are better than your link also

  3. snuffy

    snuffy Well-Known Member

    Every one of those CB bullets is a bevel based bullet, well almost every one. Bevel based bullets are never as accurate as a plain base bullet, but they ARE much easier to cast. Another thing, all but one has only one lube groove! I've never seen a 405 grain 45/70 bullet with ONLY ONE LUBE GROOVE!

    I'd certainly pass on those bullets, for the previously stated reasons. Oh, the price is outrageous also!:mad:
  4. halfded

    halfded Well-Known Member

    +1 Missouri bullet. Those guys are awesome.
  5. Joemyxplyx

    Joemyxplyx Well-Known Member

    +2 Missouri Bullet

    125gr .38 Special Cowboy #2 bullets are $52/1000 from Missouri Bullet
    125gr .38 Special " are $61/1000 from CB Bullets

    This is before the 5% discount from Missouri Bullet for "High Road" members. The Missouri Bullets are 15% less expensive. I'm sure MB will ship much faster too.

    Cheaper, faster shipping. Sounds like a no brainer to me. :)
  6. ProChoiceForGuns

    ProChoiceForGuns New Member

    Missouri Bullets is great!!!
  7. Dave P

    Dave P Well-Known Member

    Top notch. Excellent accuracy in my marlin 44 cowboy.
  8. foolnhismoney

    foolnhismoney New Member


    Cb bullets includes shipping in thiers prices. If you figure that in they are a bit lower.
  9. MissouriBullet

    MissouriBullet Well-Known Member

    FWIW, bevel-base bullets are as easy (or hard) to cast as flat-base bullets. Bevel-base bullets are easy to insert into the case mouth, however, which is why most of our customers prefer them. We do have a few flat-base ones, based upon customer requests, and they sell like refrigerators to the Inuits.

    Everybody has their preferences, I understand. But one thing I have never been shown is that flat-base bullets are superior in any way to bevel-base bullets in terms of accuracy.

    Just my two cents.


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