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CC Newby

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Newby101, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Newby101

    Newby101 Member

    I wouild llike to know more about how you all use your CC.

    Do you carry all the time some of the time? only to certian areas?

    I am new to civialian CC. Miilitary it was just natural.

    I am feeling out the renewed love for guns in general, but specifically for carrying in public.

    I do not wear loose clothes ever or jackets unless it's cold. With the exception of a suit. How important is it to keep the side arm covered in public? Have any of you had problems ? Places like walmart, groceries..

    Is there a listing ( link ) for local areas as to where one can not leally Carry?
    I live in Indiana. I know crossing the border into IL. without their permit is a problem but I am working on that, being I am 4 miles from IL.

    Farming also gets dirty sometimes and I haven't worked out just how often cleaning should take place. My information from the military is 21 yrs old and I am just getting back into the holster so to speak.
  2. rantingredneck

    rantingredneck Well-Known Member

    Have you done the Walmart walk yet?? If not that is a priority :D.
  3. Princi

    Princi Well-Known Member

    You need to be extremely careful with state laws - everybody appears to have differences. Here in Texas it has to be totally concealed.

    I carry everywhere I go with the exception of the Post Office. I used to carry there too until i renewed my license and the instructor said that it was a federal crime even to have a gun in the car. There weren't any signs and I missed that (or the instructor did mention it) in my initial class.

    What I carry varies with the clothes I'm wearing or where I'm going. (For example: North Fort Worth - 357 Magnum. Being in the military, you don't like loose fitting clothes. I remember when I got out of the service, I used Mom's sewing machine to alter all my white shirts so they fit like a uniform.:)

    You will get over it.

    IMO a NAA revolver in 22Magnum is better than nothing, and I have on occasion had to carry it because of the clothes I was wearing. (I finally figured out that it was ice cream that was shrinking my clothes).
  4. rantingredneck

    rantingredneck Well-Known Member

    Check with the Indiana Attorney General's website or the state DOJ or equivalent. Most states have some official online resource for that.
  5. Ifishsum

    Ifishsum Well-Known Member

    For many folks a commitment to concealed carry will necessitate at least small changes to your usual dress, at least it did with me. Using a SmartCarry holster would be the least likely to require changing, maybe one size larger pants is all.

    I carry pretty much everywhere I'm legal to. I've become so used to it that I do it without thinking about it, the only thing I sometimes forget is that WA does not honor OR permits. I really need to take care of that.
  6. Newby101

    Newby101 Member

    Indiana Law on CC

    Indiana law is silent on this issue; however, carrying an exposed weapon in public may alarm some people. Also, the right to carry a firearm may be restricted on private property and businesses by the owners. Be attentive for signs warning of restricted areas when carrying firearms into public places. If approached by law enforcement for official business such as traffic stops or complaint related inquiries, it is recommended that you tell the officer in a non-threatening manner that you are carrying a weapon or have a weapon in the vehicle and that you have a valid permit. A law enforcement officer does have the right to inspect the permit.

    Does the RIGHT TO INSPECT the permit mean I should expect to be handing over my weapon as well?
  7. Bigjake

    Bigjake Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the world of CCW!

    There are all kind of options available to you, just pick a weapon that suits you, and accessorize from there. check the used holster bins at gunshows, they more often than not will save you money. past that, go shopping, and buy a holster you really like, that will go with your clothes that you don't mind wearing.

    One thing you will notice, is that unless you have a piece tucked into your belt for all the world to see, nobody pays that much attention. Your CCW could be printing huge (to you) and the average Sheep won't even notice.

    Good luck, and thanks for your service. OOHRAH, from me anyway.
  8. romma

    romma Well-Known Member

    There is no permit for IL. Carrying openly or concealed is illegal in that State.

    Unless you are a Chicago Alderman or police officer.
  9. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I carry whenever I leave the house, which saves me the bother of making decisions and trying to second-guess criminals. Realistically speaking, criminals can go virtually anywhere in purchased, borrowed, rented, or stolen cars, so persuading myself some areas are "safe" wouldn't be very smart.
  10. JackBurtonJr

    JackBurtonJr Well-Known Member

    Newby... depending upon what part of Indiana you're in I'd be happy to get together with you and go over some of those questions in person.

    I've carried quite a while here and might be able to help you out.
  11. DFW1911

    DFW1911 Well-Known Member

    There's a map around here somewhere that will help you properly execute the Wal-Mart walk.

    It still counts if you stray a bit, but without the nachos you have to do it again (just my opinion).

    Oh, I think it's worth repeating, you can't just run in, buy your favorite DVD, and head out...you have to spend some time in the store.

    Yes, bonus points are awarded if you speak with a Wal-Mart employee.

    Have fun :D
  12. carnaby

    carnaby Well-Known Member

    Indiana is an open carry state if you have a permit, isn't it? If that is true, then it's like most open carry states, such as Washington, where concealing isn't that big a deal. What I mean to say is that you don't have to be particularly conscious of "printing" or anything like that. Just go with the flow and you'll be fine.

    Texas on the other hand, printing is a no-no.

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