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CCI Blazer Brass FMJ- is really plated?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Luggernut, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Luggernut

    Luggernut Well-Known Member

    I bought a few boxes of CCI Blazer Brass today and one of the boxes had some damage so I checked the COL of all the cartridges. A couple were short so I put them in my kinetic bullet removed. I was quite surprised to see that the bullets were completely covered in copper- if I didn't know better I'd swear they were plated! I thought FMJ was a jacket over the lead bullet and the base was explosed lead? The only way to get a complete "cover" was via plating? Am I missing something here? Anyone else notice this?
  2. joneb

    joneb Well-Known Member

    Are you sure it was FMJ and not TMJ ?
  3. Luggernut

    Luggernut Well-Known Member

    Absolutely.... The box is clearly labled FMJ. I'm almost tempted to disassemble some of my other Blazer Brass rounds.
  4. Bullet

    Bullet Well-Known Member

    I believe CCI Blazer is using Speer bullets.

    From Speer -
    SPEER® Jacketed Handgun Bullets
    Speer pioneered the "modern" style of jacketed handgun bullets many years ago. These high-performance bullets proved so popular and effective that they're still in the line today. Construction is either Uni-Cor® or conventional, depending on the application. Suitable for just about every type of shooting sport from plinking to hunting, they are available in calibers from 32 to 50.
  5. Luggernut

    Luggernut Well-Known Member

    Bullet- maybe Speer makes TMJ/Plated, however I've purchased Speer FMJ bullets for this exact cartridge (.45 ACP) in the exact same weight- 230 grains and it is FMJ- with exposed lead on the base.

    No big deal, I've started to use Berrys plated bullets recently anyway. I just thought FMJ and plated were different....:confused: And I'm curious. I've used CCI Blazer Brass on a regular basis and have just recently started reloading. It's been great ammo for me... and is a source of good brass for my reloading hobby. :D
  6. Luggernut

    Luggernut Well-Known Member

    Well this kind of makes sense now... I guess CCI calls it full jacket with a protected base... I guess that's another name for plated...

    CCI Blazer has been a great value for a quarter-century. We just made it better. Blazer Brass is loaded in conventional brass cases that reload like any other. We’ve extended our experience in high-tech case-making to include brass, and you reap the benefits.
    We load Blazer Brass with full-jacket bullets with a protected base. And here’s the great news: Blazer Brass is priced to compete with imports, but is 100 percent American-made. American labor, American components, and American quality go into every round. Why buy ammo from a country you’ve never heard of when you can get great performance in affordable ammo made in the USA?

    Reloadable brass cases with standard Boxer primer pockets
    Protected-base FMJ bullets for clean shooting
    Available in 9mm Luger, 40 S&W, and 45 Auto
    Clean-burning American propellants
    CCI primers, also American made
    Backed by ISO-certified quality systems
    Did we say Blazer Brass is made in America? Well, it is! "
  7. Bullet

    Bullet Well-Known Member

    Speer dosen't list any conventional bullets in 45 auto only Uni-cor or lead.
  8. Luggernut

    Luggernut Well-Known Member

  9. Bullet

    Bullet Well-Known Member

    I believe Speer must have gone to only Uni-cor or lead for components. Maybe they make both conventional and Uni-cor in loaded ammo. Or maybe there are still some older style bullets on some shelves. I don’t know for sure, but Speer’s Uni-core bullets seem to be what they use in their Gold Dots. I like them.

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