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CCW in Florida, for the BIG man...

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Freedom's Ghost, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Freedom's Ghost

    Freedom's Ghost New Member

    I'm 6'5, 305 lbs. and I'm built like an Offensive Tackle (yes, I used to play football). I own a couple of guns but neither are suitable for concealed carry here, of which I plan to be doing LEGALLY very soon.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a few recommendations to try at the range and thereafter make my purchase choice. My primary concerns here are...

    *The ability to carry year round despite the suffocating heat and light clothing (t-shirt & shorts).

    *I want to find a gun that agrees with my large hands.

    *I want to carry a caliber with at least a moderately good record of putting problems to bed (no smaller than 9mm/38 spl). I am also not very recoil sensitive, so that's not a problem.

    *And if you could recommend a holster to go with your choice, that'd be great as well.

    I do not have any preference as to whether or not I carry a semi-auto or revolver as I seem to shoot both equally well.

    I greatly appreciate your help...

    Oh and I'm budgeting $600 or less, thanks to holden cm9!
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2011
  2. doc2rn

    doc2rn Well-Known Member

    Being of linebacker physique you should have no problem carrying a quality rig like Miltsparks or Galco. I am 5'5 200# and can carry anything up to .45 comfortably in a Galco Highrise Open top for Revolver or Miltsparks for my FNP-9. Unfortunately due to injury I am recoil sensitive, but the one thing I noticed early on is wear a good belt.
  3. holdencm9

    holdencm9 Well-Known Member

    You didn't mention budget but Kel Tec PF9 or Kahr PM9 may be good places to start. The former is about half the price of the latter.
  4. exavid

    exavid Well-Known Member

    Ruger SR40c .40S&W, plenty of punch and very concealable. With the magazine extension it should fit even some pretty large hands. Carried in a Crossbreed type holster it should work out well. If you really want a super concealable pistol to carry in shorts it's worth considering the Ruger LCP in .380 or the LC9. Both are very easy to conceal in a pocket holster such as the DiSantis Nemesis. You could just about hide the LCP in a pair of Speedos. The .380 in Corbond or Federal Hydro Shok self defense ammo isn't an anemic round.
  5. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    You could look into the Smith and Wesson M&P series. They have full-size and compact models available, and each come with 3 interchangeable back straps (small, medium, and large). Calibers are: 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, .45 ACP

    As for holsters, Milt Sparks makes great ones. For a little cheaper, Crossbreed Supertuck, Comptac Minotaur (All IWB)
  6. HellBlazer

    HellBlazer Well-Known Member

    A big part of carrying concealed is the holster & how you wear it. I can carry a full size Glock 21 year round & nobody knows a thing.

    If you're on a budget I'd take a look at a Don Hume PCCH holster. Top quality, comfortable & very concealable. They run about 50 bucks.

    Another good option is a Bianchi Model 100 Professional. They also go for about 50.

    I'm not gonna make any suggestions about a gun. That's all up to you. Hope this helps.
  7. Freedom's Ghost

    Freedom's Ghost New Member

    Thanks guys for the great suggestions! I am literally taking notes here, lol.

    One quick note, I've had a friend suggest the Ruger LCR (in .357 Mag) to me. He'd let me shoot his but he lives in another state. He says that he understands my desire to conceal at all times and being a big guy as I am, he suggests that I'd probably like this gun quite a bit. He says that it isn't quite the gun a Ruger SP101 is, but that it offers deep concealment where the SP101 can as well but not as easily. Says the trigger guard is pretty large so my fingers should be okay? Small enough that my Wife can conceal it too and can load standard 38's for her as well.

    Anyone else here agree?
  8. HellBlazer

    HellBlazer Well-Known Member

    Definitely. That's a fine pistol for CCW. I'm a big guy too & I would have no problem handling or carrying it. I'm partial to Ruger's anyway. Every Ruger revolver I've ever owned was an outstanding firearm.

    Go to your local shop & check one out to get a feel of it. I think you'll be pleased.
  9. Freedom's Ghost

    Freedom's Ghost New Member

    Thanks, HellBlazer!

    I own a Ruger GP100 357 Mag 4" in stainless and I absolutely love it! However, that just isn't going to fly down here where it's t-shirt or polo & shorts for 10 months out of the year! I will definitely add the LCR to my short list, thanks for your feedback! Guess I'll drop the SP101 because I'm not sure I can comfortably conceal it 100% of the time I'm out and about. Shame too. I really like it, but my first concern is getting something that I never feel like leaving at home. With the LCR, I don't lose any of the power I would have with the SP101, and I get more concealability out of it. Same capacity too. Seems like a near perfect fit.

    I just wonder how reliable it is though? I have heard that the 38 model LCR has had some issues with flame-cutting on the aluminum frame, but the 357 model is steel so I wouldn't assume that would be a problem. Any word on it's long term durability?
  10. HellBlazer

    HellBlazer Well-Known Member

    It's a Ruger. lol! It's built to last. I have a Redhawk .44 Magnum my dad gave me that's well over 20 years old & it's still as good as new.

    I'd have no hesitation on getting a Ruger revolver. Their customer service is second to none. I doubt very seriously you'd ever have any problems.
  11. HellBlazer

    HellBlazer Well-Known Member

    Check this baby out Freedom's Ghost!


    That's some MASSIVE firepower in a small package. 8 rounds of .357 magnum or .38 Special +P

    It has tritium night sights too!

    Here's another small snubby that's an 8 shot .357 magnum.


    Here's another one!


    S&W pretty much sets the standard for lightweight, compact, high cap revolvers.
  12. guyfromohio

    guyfromohio Well-Known Member

    Your budget will allow for some great choices from quality brand-new to some used higher-end. Try a few out and see what works best.
  13. Flopsweat

    Flopsweat Well-Known Member

    FG, you may already know this but since I didn't hear it mentioned I'll toss it out there. I'd recommend that you go to a range that rents guns and try out anything that seems interesting to you. It's one thing to hear people praise a firearm, another to hold it, and yet another to fire 10 or 20 rounds through it. That said, I will admit that I've bought more than one firearm sight-unseen just because I had to have it. :D
  14. GregGry

    GregGry Well-Known Member

    I was the exact same size as you (down to 270 lbs at 6'6"now) and a competitive powerlifter and strongman (so likely similar build). The best fitting guns I have fired are the cz sp01, numerous revolvers (gp100, and smith equivalent). I just picked up my carry gun, a Springfield xdm compact 3.8 in 40 cal. Switching out the backstraps gave me the size I need. Grab a hold of a few guns, the right gun will pick you :0
  15. LongTimeGone

    LongTimeGone Well-Known Member

    I'm 6'1", 200lbs, close to 60yo and carry a Kahr PM9 in an Uncle Mikes #4 in my front pocket cargo shorts here in C. FL.
    I just switched to a Simply Rugged owb at 5 o'clock with untucked shirts for winter with jeans.
  16. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

    My .02 is you are a very large man and could easily conceal any size pistol you want. There are many folks, on this forum even, that are significantly smaller than you that carry full size pistols all the time. My belief is, the bigger you are the bigger gun you can easily conceal. In relative size, an S&W M29 would look on you just like an LCR would look on a guy 5'8" and 150. Just like every body else, you just need to get a good holster and belt and dress around your pistol.

    You can't wear a pistol under one of those skin tight Under Armor t-shirts, but shorts and a "Hawaiian" style shirt is perfectly natural in Florida during the summer.

    Wilderness Tactical (and many other makers as well) makes shirts specifically designed for the concealed carry crowd and should fit your summer wardrobe.

    While you're there you can check out their belts.

    I would use the pistol you own, unless the point of the exercise is to get a new pistol. If that is the case, get the new pistol, I'm all for that. Get a good holster and belt and try some different concealment clothing.

    There are some good holster makers here in Florida.

    High Noon

    Andrews Custom
  17. pikid89

    pikid89 Well-Known Member

    I was gonna suggest the LCR as well

    I'm actually picking one up this week

    im a pretty big guy too, my LCP wasn't agreeing with my hands

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    Kahr or PF-9 KelTec and in revolver a Charter arms 44 special. I have lived in Fl off and on working . I am not a shorts and funny shirt person. I wore my normal jeans and t- shirt with a Colt Defender IWB or a KelTec in pocket.
  19. Buck Kramer

    Buck Kramer Well-Known Member

    I was thinking Ruger SR40c, Its small, and fires a .40. Could be used IWB or pocket carry.
  20. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's just me, but the SRc models (9mm and .40 S&W) are just too big for pocket carry. (unless it's in cargo pants I guess). The baby glocks are also too large for me to be able to comfortably do this.

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