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CCW Replacement suggestions?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by shadow9, Sep 25, 2011.


CCW replacement (for Sig P239

Poll closed Oct 25, 2011.
  1. Steyr M40-A1

    4 vote(s)
  2. SigSauer P232 Blued

    5 vote(s)
  1. shadow9

    shadow9 Well-Known Member

    After a search for finding a good CCW upgrade, I finally settled on a Sig P239 methinks. It hides the best out of the compact 9/40/.357Sig lineup, its sights line up wonderfully, and, well, it's a Sig. Mind you, I'll be looking used, pre-2005, for both cost and other reasons that some of us have had on our minds.

    That said, both due to funding and for need of keeping the # of guns I have down (personal preference, I'm keeping minimalistic through college), I'll need to sell off one of the current two, a Steyr M40A1, and a Sig P232.

    The Steyr is gorgeous, awesome, and is endlessly unique. But, I have a hard time concealing it in less-than-hoodie-size overwear, which is not always an option. Plus, even with a hoodie, I can't bend over or do certain movements without it printing. However, 12+1 of .40 S&W in a VERY low-bore axis pistol, with Glock-grade ergos and a well-supported barrel, as with those awesome sights, is a plus. .380 and .40 ammo is about the same costs these days, so that's negligble.

    The Sig P232 conceals with EVERY outfit, including my polo overshirts/fitted clothing (need to be delicate with movement, but it still hides). Also, it too has AMAZING ergos, feels "so right" in my hands, and the irons align themselves when I draw/aim. Plus, it's light. VERY light. The simplistic design is a perk, but reloads aren't as fast, and we can all agree .380 is...effective, but not compared to a 9mmP or larger.

    Where I get indecisive is the Sig 239 has all the perks of the 232's size, but is just big enough that it's DQ'd from wearing with the fitted clothing (hence keep 232). It's size is closer to the 232, however, which makes me wonder if I'd be better selling the 232 for it, and keeping my Steyr for the colder days.
    It packs enough heat, however, in 9mm or .40 fashion, to replace the firepower of the Steyr, and reloads as fast as the Steyr, thus making the Steyr obsolete as well.

  2. rskent

    rskent Well-Known Member

    Great choice. The Sig 239 9mm is without a doubt my favorite 9mm.
  3. 10-96

    10-96 Well-Known Member

    Wow, tough call. I too recently picked up a 239 in 9mm. Love that thing! It's easier to convince a guy to alter his attire, cause- well- no matter what we say, deep down inside a lot of us just aren't as fashion conscious as like folks to think.

    Somtimes I wish I still had my 232, and I like the same things you do about the Steyr. But holy cow that 239 is sweet- it isn't leaving my grubbly little fingers for anything! That said- go ahead and find a way to talk yourself into the 239. If it grows on you like it did me- you'll find a way to make it work for your carry purposes. If not, at least you made the investment and have the trading wampum.
  4. shadow9

    shadow9 Well-Known Member

    I've been revising my carry considerations - selling off a rifle soon, I may be able to trade out my very mint M40-A1+cash for the P239, and trade out the P232 for a PPK (NOT PPK/S). I LOVE my P232, but it really has a harder time carrying due to the 6.6" length (P239-size), and that despite the narrow top, it's still as wide as a G19/P239 in the handle, hogue or stock grips. Lastly, the "pinky-prop" at the end of the mag prints with my more fitted clothes. PPK (6-shot) is same quality, and smaller, and pocketable. I know they're not known for reliability, but I have to assume many owners shoot blowbacks like a browning, and have jams often as a result, IMHO (blowbacks NEED a SOLID wrist, something my years of shooting .40S&W fullsizes have taught me, as well as one-handing my old Mosin NAgant M39 [9.5lbs loaded]).

    Also, the "reliability" on PPK's is often solved through some feed-ramp work and breech work - and the "bonding" of "tuning" my PPK is something I would like to do. :)

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