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Cerakote C-series cleaning solvent?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Keeperfaith, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Keeperfaith

    Keeperfaith Well-Known Member

    What cleaning solvent do you use for cleaning your airbrush or HVLP spray gun after using cerakote C-series (airdry)? Mineral spirirts, acetone or paint thinner.

    I've probably painted 20-30 guns/gun parts over the last two years with a paasche air brush and last night it took me three hours to paint an SKS stock ONE COLOR!!! The airbrush kept clogging up. At first I thought it was dried paint chips getting (I didn't have any paint filters) into the airbrush. But after taking it apart there was no paint chips. It was clogged, I couldnt see if it was paint or if the rubber washers inside were worn and clogging it up.

    I bought an HVLP paint sprayer today and hope to use it soon to see the difference. Wish me luck.


  2. Taurus 617 CCW

    Taurus 617 CCW Well-Known Member

  3. NormB

    NormB Well-Known Member

    Duracoat (Cerakote) sells a solvent I forget the name of, but I've used acetone without a hitch with both finishes. I don't do anywhere near the volume as you, but I've finished a handful of AR15s, one scope (cerakote airday) and a couple of Rem 700s and dozens of magazines and a couple suppressors with both finishes using a Badger airbrush as well as a $35 HVLP sprayer I got through amazon dot com. EZPZ to work with and the finishes are really tough. I usually clean up with acetone or MEK, pouring a little in the paint cup and opening up the spray pattern a little bit.

    Um... seems to me I recall reading about the packing o-ring seal on the Paasche (and Badger) airbrushes dissolving, so I bought one of THESE for mine:


    Here's the article link:


    Try acetone or MEK. Might pull your seal and see if it's dissolving in the solvent you're using.
  4. Keeperfaith

    Keeperfaith Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses. I will keep using Acetone. I think I've worn out my nozzles from all the stuff I've painted or they've become gunked up with flakes of paint that I failed to strain.

    Ive bought some paint strainers and I just ordered new nozzles through amazon... as well as a new 1 oz. jar.

    I bought an HVLP sprayer from Harbor (one time use and it breaks) Freight Tools and it was horrible!!! The sprayer worked but it shot my cerakote out super thick and chunky...The thing used all the cerokote in about 30 seconds when I can airbrush w/ my Passche for about 2-3 minutes w/o running out...

    I will be returning it and sticking to the airbrush.


  5. Taurus 617 CCW

    Taurus 617 CCW Well-Known Member

    We use the IWATA LPH-80 mini spray gun. The first one lasted almost five years but they aren't cheap. They come with a spray nozzle cleaning brush set which really helps keep things clean. You can also try dropping the spray gun parts into an ultrasonic cleaner after paining. That helps break up any solid buildup. Harbor freight has affordable ultrasonic cleaners.

    I attended the Cerakote certification class at their facility. The main paint guy used acetone to clean the paint guns.
  6. Blue68f100

    Blue68f100 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if the carburetor vats are still available but this is the best stuff for cleaning paint guns. Where I worked at we had a worker spray some test panels on Friday and did not clean the gun (deBelviss) . Most of our equipment was pot feed guns, since most of the stuff we sprayed was heavy solids. We could not even unscrew the air cap. We were spraying phenolic Epoxy coatings at the time which have a 2 hr pot life. I got a 3gal can of the cleaner from a local parts house. I put the gun in and checked progress on a daily basis. After 5 days I was able to remove the air cap, and fluid valve moved. I let it soak over the weekend then tore the gun the rest of the way down. Most of the parts looked brand new after the cleaner, those that were not went back in for a few more days till they came out clean. This worked so well we started using it on a regular basis to keep our guns clean. With most of the good guns you can get replacement needles and air caps which is a lot cheaper than replacing the guns.
  7. Kp321

    Kp321 Well-Known Member

    I clean up after Duracoat with lacquer thinner followed by a little Duracoat reducer. Even after a good cleaning with the lacquer thinner, the first shot with the reducer shows a little color.
    I started with Passche air brush but have had just as good a luck with a $6.00 Harbor Freight special. Don't mind chunking it if it gets totally clogged.
  8. NormB

    NormB Well-Known Member


    I thought so. Good to hear from someone who has first-hand knowledge from the source. Thanks.
  9. Keeperfaith

    Keeperfaith Well-Known Member

    Ya know I bought one of those cheap harbor freight airbrushes and it didn't work. Everything was set up correctly (my old airbrush worked fine) but the harbor freight one was not shooting any air...Going to return it.

  10. tnxdshooter

    tnxdshooter Well-Known Member

    Duracoat.and cerakote are two.totally different things why put cerakote in parenthesis next to duracoat? This implies they are one and the same.

    Sent from my mind using ninja telepathy.

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