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Challeger or Partner

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Rollis R. Karvellis, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Rollis R. Karvellis

    Rollis R. Karvellis Well-Known Member

    I’m going to buy a lee c press for my universal deprime die but would like to have a good 0 press for other odd jobs, I would like to know if the extra $25-$30 dollar difference between the challenger press (Lee) under $50.00 or RCBS Partner under $70.00 worth it.
    Please no wars just advice, thanks.
  2. DaveInFloweryBranchGA

    DaveInFloweryBranchGA Well-Known Member


    My first press was an RCBS partner press and I know it well. I've also owned a Lee Challenger press. My advice to you is to buy the Lee Classic Cast instead of either of those press.

    Why? Because it's about the cost of the partner press, but is a superior press to an RCBS Rock Chucker, which I've also owned. I now own only the Lee Classic Cast with a Hornady LnL Conversion kit in it for my single stage tasks. The LnL bushings makes changing dies a snap and I can use the press for multiple tasks very quickly, including reloading .50 BMG if I want to.


  3. SASS#23149

    SASS#23149 Well-Known Member

    between the 2,...the partner.
  4. rg1

    rg1 Well-Known Member

    Not familiar with Lee but the Partner press is too light duty to suit me. You'd be better off with a stronger press. Perhaps a used RockChucker from an auction site on the net. Your money will be better spent on a heavier duty press of any brand.

    ADKWOODSMAN Well-Known Member

    Go with the Rock Chucker, you'll never be sorry.
  6. BigJakeJ1s

    BigJakeJ1s Well-Known Member

    For $70 you can get a brand new Lee Classic Cast press, which is much better than the RCBS partner, more on the RockChucker level, and some say even better.

  7. Seafarer12

    Seafarer12 Well-Known Member

    I would pick up a used partner myself. I picked one up to help aid my rock chucker for 30 bucks off ebay a few years ago. Either one would be a good press.
  8. Rollis R. Karvellis

    Rollis R. Karvellis Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for the info.
    Went to the shop today and ordered an o type lee press, it was only $20.00 retail, and appeared to have a primer assemble on it, if for some reason this was a typo in the book the manager will go ahead and order the c press for me, were buddies and he knows what I’m trying to do. Thanks for the heads up on the Classic Cast model. I’m also wachting the wts page for some used presses.

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