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Charles Daly .45 acp

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by pberzk, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. pberzk

    pberzk Member

    Are these any good? I'm told (by the prospective seller) that it is as good as any other higher priced 1911, and the parts are all interchangeable with other 1911's. Don't know a darn thing about 1911's. He wants $375, unfired in box. Been kinda itching to pick up a .45 lately.

  2. MJRW

    MJRW Well-Known Member

    Personally, I don't know about it being "as good as any other high priced 1911." I'm sure it will shoot. Don't know how long. My impression is that your money would be better spent getting a used Springfield Mil-Spec or Colt. I am a far cry from being actually knowledgeable in 1911s (or handguns for that matter), but this doesn't feel right to me.
  3. Rob96

    Rob96 Well-Known Member

    I had a Daly FS model. It was reliable and accurate. But the slide had soft steel. From what I hear after market parts will require some fitting.
  4. IRock

    IRock Guest

    What he should have said was they are as good as any other LOWER priced 1911. I would go along with what MJRW said, get a quality used 1911.
  5. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

    I think they are made in the Phillipines.:what:
  6. DDGator

    DDGator Well-Known Member

    I have a Charles Daly. CD is an old, respected American company. The guns are made in the Phillipenes. I think the quality and fit is very good and the parts are interchangeable with other 1911s without special fitting. I have never heard that the metal is soft -- it doesnt appear that way to me although I am no metalurgist.

    $375 is not a bad price. CD has a lifetime repair policy now, but it only runs to the original owner.

    CDs are a good choice -- particularly if you want a stainless gun at a good price. Is the one you are looking at stainless?

    A used Springfield will cost you about the same and wont have a lot of the extras the CD will come with standard.
  7. Bainx

    Bainx member

    Like I said in a prior posting....
    I put 100 rounds of misc. junk .45 acp [wolf, win, federal....] thru a friend's Chuck Daly and it all fired.
    I was truly impressed!
  8. Bainx

    Bainx member

    Like I said in a prior posting....
    I put 100 rounds of misc. junk .45 acp [wolf, win, federal....] thru a friend's Chuck Daly and it all fired.
    I was truly impressed!
  9. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    Dalys are junk, for a feww bucks more you can get a Colt...
  10. 106rr

    106rr Well-Known Member

    Chuckie D's are not junk but $375 seems pretty high. SA Milspec is often on sale for$399 to $450. You should be paying around $300 for a CD.
  11. WhoKnowsWho

    WhoKnowsWho Well-Known Member

    I paid $500 for my Charles Daly, it was my first purchase, unresearched. I would have liked to pay $150 or so less, but it has been a great gun. It did need a recoil spring changed to the Colt stock weight spring (I believe #18, I can't remember now) but after that everything has been really good.
  12. DDGator

    DDGator Well-Known Member

    $375 is high for a new CD? I dont think so -- never seen one cheaper than that. Its not a Llama or a Firestorm....

    Pb, some people are snobs when it comes to .45s. They think that if is not a Kimber, it is junk. Some people swear by Springfield mil-specs, but others will say they are junk.

    Dont tell me a gun is junk without telling me what experience you have with it. It has all the credibility of a guy with a Dale Ernhardt T-shirt saying "Fords are junk."

    CDs are relatively inexpenisve. You cant totally compare a CD with a mil-spec gun because the CD has a lot of features standard.

    The CD has a lifetime repair policy and is not junk. If you like it and that is your price range -- get it.
  13. Rob96

    Rob96 Well-Known Member

    The CD i had, did indeed have a soft slide. The cut out where the slide engages the the slide lock became rounded out after only 1,000 rounds. Anymore, it looked like it wouldn't be able to engage anymore. Have heard people say good things about there customer service, heard more people have negative experiences. Just isn't worth the risk in my opinion. Better served by a Springfield Mil-Spec or a Ruger P-90. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Rob96

    Rob96 Well-Known Member

    Double tap
  15. Rob96

    Rob96 Well-Known Member

  16. Sisco

    Sisco Well-Known Member

    Go over to www.1911forum.com and do some searching, they have a Charles Daly forum.
  17. biere

    biere Well-Known Member

    I had one for a while, I bought it used from a gun store. I wanted to see what I thought about the 1911 platform. Mine had a beaver tail and flat main spring housing and maybe some other stuff. It was 500 if bought new. I ran a few hundred rounds through it and it was reliable as can be.

    It was made in the phillipines but I would expect the same gun made in the USA to cost a couple hundred more.

    As mentioned go play on the 1911 forum and see what you think. I consider them a great way to learn about a 1911, mine had a scratch from the previous owner reassembling it. If I had not needed money I might still have it kicking around.

    The mag release was a bit gritty and it was not a work of art, but it was reliable and decently accurate.

    As for price, I would say 350 is a good price since that is what I got on trade in for mine. I paid around 375 for it used at a gun shop and traded it in at the same one.

    Heck, I might buy one if new in box for 350 because I do sort of expect these to go up in price or down in quality.
  18. chink

    chink Well-Known Member

    I paid something in the high $300's for my CD in may of 1999 but thats because I am in the bay area and everyone wanted 400+ for any 1911 variant. Springfield load was going for like 550-600 and griffin was like 450 ish and I simply didn't have the cash for that.

    My CD has had only 1 problem. the front sight got loose and came off. I am told by CD's people customer service that they are installed differently now. no experince with their warranty people, because the local gunsmith said that she would do it for $15 and it that made it not worth the hassle of shipping it.
  19. jsalcedo

    jsalcedo Well-Known Member

    I bought mine 2 months ago owned but unfired.
    The Stainless 4 in bull barrel model

    It came with the box books and 4 chip McCormic power mags
    for $350

    The gun was reliable straight away with whatever I fed it.
    It was not as accurate as I had hoped with my tried and true
    reloads. But it is attractive and mechanically sound.

    Dissassembly is a little wierd. There is no barrel bushing and
    the recoil spring is held captive from inside the slide.

    Took me a while to get used to that
  20. spartacus2002

    spartacus2002 Well-Known Member

    I had a CD .45, jammed constantly, and the recoil spring plug broke after 300 rounds, gouging the slide pretty badly.
    I sent it to the factory with a polite letter requesting they either fix it or replace it.

    They refunded the purchase price of the pistol.

    My pistol may have been a bad apple, but their customer service definitely made up for it. Kudos to CD for that.

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