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Cheap FFL's (in Sacramento)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by brekneb, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. brekneb

    brekneb New Member

    Anyone perhaps here in the THR around the Sacramento area or Placer County (or any surrounding areas) who know of any cheap FFL's? (Under $30)
    (I'm trying to get a DSA FAL)

  2. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas New Member

    Scoob man, it'd help you get a lot more replies if you mentioned the Sacramento area in the title of your thread; otherwise everyone from Anchorage to Timbuktu has to read your thread to find out it it applies to them. Not trying to bust your brass, it's just that detailed title threads make life easier for everyone, and get you the best info quickest.

    That said, a couple folks have mentioned The Gun Room in Sacramento. Easier yet, you can go to www.gunsamerica.com, click on the "Transfer Dealer" search button ( http://www.gunsamerica.com/transfer.cgi ), and get a whole list of folks in your telephone area code. I ran "916" area code, got tons of dealers as low as $25 for FFL. I doubt you'll beat that in CA.

    Good luck on tracking down your FAL info, should be a great rifle. Take care,

  3. brekneb

    brekneb New Member

    1. Sorry
    2. Thanks :D
    3. Edited (Be kind to me I'm a noob as you can see) :)
  4. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas New Member

    No worries, even plenty of regulars post really vague titles like "check this out!" or "I have a question about rifles". The clearer the title, the better and timelier the response.

    If your FAL plan ends up falling through, check out the M1 Garand rifles from www.odcmp.com. You can get one around $350, and can rebarrel to 7.62/308 for around $150 if you're so inclined. CA legal, accurate, and way cool. Not trying to turn you off the FAL, just pointing out another good CA option.

    Good shooting, -MV
  5. 50 Freak

    50 Freak New Member

    I believe River City Gun Exchange will do a FAL transfer. Look for their number on the web.

    Been a while since I lived in the Sac area. But there should be a few. If money is an issue, maybe look for a Imbel kit gun minus the PG. DSA makes a good product, but unfortunately their prices reflect it.

    P.S. Do you know if The Dealers Warehouse (small storage center, and not the big one) is still located in W. Sac? I used to go there and look at all the cool stuff. Not sure if it is still open since Rav opened his big shop in the Modesto/Merced area.
  6. esheato

    esheato New Member


    I'm in the Sacramento area. The guy I always use is Wes at Guns 'N Stuff.

    5060 Roseville Road, North Highlands, CA 95660
    (916) 334-3209

    Tell him Ed sent ya.

    I believe his fee is around $30-35 if I remember correctly.

  7. brekneb

    brekneb New Member

    Hey! It's you again esheato. :D
    Actually, that place you mentioned is just about right down the street from me! And to think I was about to put up with the guys at Wild Sports! (I'm sure you know them).

    Thanks again esheato.
  8. esheato

    esheato New Member


    I do know Wild Sports...and while they have a nice selection, I could do without their attitudes.

    I believe I quoted you the wrong price though. The $30 is my price. :p

    I just spoke to him and the rate for using his FFL is $80, while everyone else around town is $100.

    Hope it still helps.

  9. brekneb

    brekneb New Member

    Hah yeah that's why I said (I'm sure you know them) :D
    Me personally, I've never had them treat me too bad but that is ALL I hear from anybody I talk to. I still don't know exactly how they behave. What's been your experience with them exactly? (Just curious)
    Yeah the $20 less is at least something, could go toward the purchase of a mag, etc. :)

    Thanks again.

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