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Cheap HD Shottie

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by NewShooter, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. NewShooter

    NewShooter Well-Known Member

    Any opinions on the NEF NP1-P18 HD shotgun? Pros? Cons?
    12 gauge pump, 18.5" brl, 5+1 cap, matt black,
    Budsgunshop.com has them for $137. bucks
  2. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

    I don't have any opinion on the NEF.

    Remember to take into account shipping cost and your FFL fees. Depending on your location (I don't know what the gun market is like in ohio), it might be cheaper to go check the used rack at your local pawn shop for an 870 or a mossberg. Just food for thought, sorry I can't help you out on the NEF.
  3. Otony

    Otony Well-Known Member

    Gotta tell ya, I was completely floored by the Escort pump shotgun I saw the other day.

    It is made by Hakkan (?) in Turkey, and imported by Legacy Sports Intl. One or two fellows have mentioned these here in the past, so I was curious when saw one in a shop, and asked to fondle, er, see it.

    Very, very impressive. The fit and finish was extremely high quality, and the action worked very smoothly. It was finished inside and out to a much higher level than what I currently see on Mossbergs, and put the 870 Express finish to shame as well. Note that I did not say it put the 870Express to shame, just the finish work.

    This shotgun was very nicely done. The interior of the receiver was polished! The version I saw was a riot gun, with an 18" barrel and 5 round mag tube (+1 in the chamber, for 6 total). It had a nicely shaped synthetic stock, with the forend being vaguely reminiscent of the Benelli Nova, only better. There were swivel studs, and a suspect recoil pad (felt hard to my thumb).

    I know these are about $150 shipped wholesale. The shop's asking price was $200, but I am certain these can be had for less.

    I am highly tempted to buy one, especially if the price is right (read: less than 200). The only caveat I can see is twofold. It is not proven (yet), and spare parts may well prove to be a problem. I do not know what LSI's policy is as re: spares, but I would certainly look for the "usual suspects" if available.

    Really, if you are all serious about buying other than an 870 or Mossie, take a look. I think you could do a lot worse.
  4. Mooseman

    Mooseman Well-Known Member

    I'm a little worried that there isn't much on them on the web. The price is good but I'd personally be willing to pay a little more for a used mossberg or remington. My home defense shotgun is a norinco which I like a lot. I would hesitate to buy a gun I've never heard of sight unseen. Check the local gunshows and pawn shops, there's a lot of cheap shotguns out there.:)
  5. NewShooter

    NewShooter Well-Known Member

    I believe its a new model they have recently come out with. Most reviews of NEF I have read in the past have been favorable.
  6. Mooseman

    Mooseman Well-Known Member

    Well if you've done your research then I say go for it. :D
  7. 1911JMB

    1911JMB Well-Known Member

    I should mention that Dunhams sporting goods sells those dirt cheap in the fall.

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