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Cheap hunting bullets that stay together?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by C-grunt, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for some ammo to sight in my 270 Win. I want a bullet for an upcoming deer hunt in OK that has good penetration. Last time I shot a pig there the 150 grn Core Lokt 30-06 blew up inside the pig. I want something that is going to reach the vitals on a quartering shot. Do any of the cheaper rounds have good weight retention and penetration? IE the Powerpoint or Federal line? I know the higher end stuff with the TSX or Partitions will do so but I think that's a bit overkill on a whitetail.
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    I have read some good things about the Federal Fusion line of standard price ammo.
    It uses a thick plated jacket and stays together like a bonded core jacketed bullet.

    Going to a 165 or 180 in your 30-06 would also slow it down and probably give less chance of blow-ups on close shots.

  3. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    My rifle is actually a 270. The 30-06 was my uncles Browning 1895.
  4. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member

    Another vote for Federal Fusion. This is good stuff....
  5. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    Pigs are little tougher than deer, and sometimes even the best bullets fail for unexplainable reasons. The Core lokt has a good reputation. I wouldn't let one less than perfect shot influence me too much. Sounds like the pig was recoverd, performance couldn't have been that bad. I'd think almost any 130 gr bullet should do just fine on deer. No need for anything special. If you are worried move up to a 150 gr bullet.

    Of course the Partions work too. They are about double the cost of other bullets, but if you reload a box of 50 should last you several years. In the big scheme of things not that expensive. Not a bullet I'd want to plink with at the range because of cost though.
  6. Abel

    Abel Well-Known Member

    Yep. Core-Lokt is fine. So is Winchester Power Point & Federal Power Shok.
  7. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    Haven't tried any for myself, but I have heard from my Shooting Budds that the Federal Fusion in a notch above the Rem Core-Lokt and Win Power-points without the premium pricing.
  8. Gunnerboy

    Gunnerboy Well-Known Member

    I use nothing but nosler bullets, and have yet to lose a single animal in 11yrs of big game hunting, even on poor shots.
  9. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    Think bonded bullets, bonded corelokt, trophy bonded, fusion, Heck they all sell something bonded that close to cheap .
  10. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Hard to beat PPs and corelokt.
  11. a-sheepdog

    a-sheepdog Well-Known Member

    I like Federal Fusion.
  12. Abel

    Abel Well-Known Member

  13. Abel

    Abel Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity, how far were you from the pig when the 150gr 30-o6 core-lokt bullet came apart? At distances under 45 yards, all bets are off.
  14. Mobuck

    Mobuck member

    Did the pig die and was it recovered w/o too much difficulty? If so, I wouldn't say the bullet performance was a failure. The Remington Corelokt was designed for use on deer sized game.
    I had a Corelokt fail to properly penetrate on a large bull elk's shoulder but an 800# elk is not a 150# deer. As it was, another bullet in the ribs worked perfectly.
    I've killed a bunch of deer using 150 Corelokt in a 30/06 and never had what I'd call a failure.
  15. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    I know they aren't cheap factory loaded, but I'm a huge advocate of Barnes TSX.
  16. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify the shot on the pig was well under 50 yards. The round did severe the spine so the pig was recovered but otherwise it had poor penetration. One of the reasons why I'm wanting the strong bullet was because there is a good chance my shots will be at short range where I am huntig in OK.
  17. Abel

    Abel Well-Known Member

    I would just go to a 30-30 in 170 gr. The 30-30 bullets are made to work at those closer distances. But, you can get the 270 in a 150 gr instead of the 130.
  18. H&Hhunter

    H&Hhunter Moderator

    Speer deep curl is worth taking a look at.
  19. biggameballs

    biggameballs Well-Known Member

    You're going hunting. Just spend the extra $10 on a good box of shells. I'd reccomend federal trophy bonded tip. They work good and they look bad ass being all silver with the orange tip. I call them ware wolf killers.
  20. snake284

    snake284 Well-Known Member

    95% of the deer I've killed in the last 50 years have been with two bullets, the Remington Core Lokt 130 grain .270 and the Sierra Game King 130 grain bullet. I've shot em from all angles and those bullets usually give what I call Bang-Flop kills. My personal .270 load that works really well in my rifle is the Sierra 130 grain Game King over 56.7 Grains IMR 4831 Powder and a CCI 200 or Winchester LR Primers. And it's accurate. But be careful and if you try to increase this loading, go slow, I mean like .1 or .2 grains at a time. Note the decimal, I didn't say One or Two grains I said one or two tenths. I experieced high pressures only .3 grains higher than this.

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