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Cheapest 500 yard Rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by classic.rocker978, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. classic.rocker978

    classic.rocker978 New Member

    I'm looking at used rifles for a friend.... Only has about $750 to drop into a 500 yard gun. Will be a 300-400 yard hunter (White tail deer) and will also be shot at the range. Preferably in .308

    Hes okay with an older used single shot design... The simpler the better. Maybe something like an Omark M44?

    What are the best options here... Prolly gonna go with a fixed 10x scope.
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  2. Lovesbeer99

    Lovesbeer99 New Member

    If money is a concern why does it have to be a single shot. FYI Savage makes a few actions in 308 that will take you to 500 yards. You can look at the tactical model on the 10 action or the single shot in the 12 action. You can also find used Rem700 on gunbroker or pawn shots.

    If your friend wants to he can just load it one shot at a time.
  3. classic.rocker978

    classic.rocker978 New Member

    Well it doesnt have to be single shot... just bolt action of some sort. I just figured a single shot may be cheaper as many find them less desirable.
  4. Boothdt

    Boothdt New Member

    I bought my Savage Edge (now called Axis) for right around $350 and it's advertised as a 700ish rifle. I've never tried to reach out that far with it though.
  5. Boothdt

    Boothdt New Member

    Sorry, forgot. Bought mine in .308.
  6. classic.rocker978

    classic.rocker978 New Member

    I dont think I could allow my friend to get an edge... Heard too many bad things from reputable people in my area. Heard a lot of good about those stevens 200's tho.
  7. henschman

    henschman New Member

    If you want the cheapest option, it would probably be a Stevens. They are made by Savage and use the same parts.
  8. mdThanatos

    mdThanatos Member

    Marlin's X7 series might work for you, I haven't done any paper punching at 500 yards but I have hit steel targets out that far. Cost of the XS7 in .308 I bought came out to $370ish with tax. Then came another $200 for a scope and I forget the mount I used, but for right about $600 I am satisfied.
  9. snakeman

    snakeman New Member

    stevens 200 in 308, rifle basix or timney trigger. Also, check into howa they make darn good guns for the money. My 22-250 shoots .5" groups with handloads. will try to post a pic in a few
  10. jmr40

    jmr40 Active Member

    If you want 500 yard accuracy forget most single shots. While there are exceptions most good bolt actions are going to be more accurate. I'd look at the Stevens 200, Marlin XS-7, or Weatherby Vanguard. They sell for between $300-$400 new and still leave $300-$400 for good glass.
  11. redneck2

    redneck2 Active Member

    Instead of looking for "a" rifle, I'd strongly suggest cruising the used rack at all the local stores. There are going to be a lot of rifles in that price range. My local shop has a bunch of of .30-06's way cheap. It's off season for hunting calibers and business is slow.

    If you were in this area, I'd get you lined up with a whole package for maybe $500 with a good rifle, not a cheap one. And, some have decent scopes for little or no extra.

    I was at Cabelas just a few days ago. They had several hundred guns on big bargain racks. All kinds of calibers and price ranges.

    I think guys get WAY too locked into the concept of one particular brand and caliber. I used to work at a gun shop. Most rifles today get used very little if at all. Maybe 1/3rd of all guns traded in had never been fired.
  12. scythefwd

    scythefwd New Member

    The weatherby vanguard is a good deal below 750 and should be 1.5 moa or better. That'd leave you with a couple hundred for an all right scope. You could probably get a a bushy 4200 for the rest. Not a bad setup for 500y.
  13. snakeman

    snakeman New Member

    OK here we go!

    This was not my best day at the range. I pulled two shots from every five shot group i tried that day but its good nonetheless. Left target is 55 gr. Blitz over 35.5gr. h4895 right target is 50gr. Vmax moly Hornady factory load. Stock is a boyds. Barrelled action is a Howa m1500 ultralight 22-250.

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  14. Fremmer

    Fremmer New Member

    Buy an inexpensive used rifle. Spend most of the money on the glass.
  15. mes228

    mes228 New Member


    A Thompson Center Venture is the most accurate rifle I've owned, fired, or even seen in a production rifle. They can be found for approx. $400 w/ a $50 rebate. Inexpensive but not CHEAP at all. Mine will shoot 1" with Win. & Rem. ammo from Walmart. And just about 1/2" with Federal. Sounds like hype, sounds silly, sounds like fiction. However, it's not. Buy one before they go out of business. No joke they are selling $1K rifles for $350. Ask anyone that owns one. Post around and you'll see. Also they will hold that group for several rounds as the barrel heats. Pretty remarkable. As soon as I have the extra money I'm buying one in every caliber I think I'll ever need. I shot these groups from a "Lead Sled" and they are pretty much repeatable every time. I've owned full custom rifles that would not remotely shoot with these things. I believe it's the greatest bargain in the firearm world during my life.
  16. classic.rocker978

    classic.rocker978 New Member

    Your review really peaked my interest. I've looked at them before but thought they looked a bit cheap and didn't see many after market parts available but if its as good as you say I wont need after market lol

    Definitely gonna check out a t/c venture in .308
  17. snakeman

    snakeman New Member

    People say the same about Howa also they are around the same price as the venture but with everything you need to start out with. Not knocking the venture though if I weren't building a gun right now I would definitely buy one in 25-06, 280, 7mm rem mag, or at the top of the list the 6.5 creedmoor.
  18. classic.rocker978

    classic.rocker978 New Member

    How is the stock on the TC venture?
  19. Hunterdad

    Hunterdad New Member

    Marlin XS7 in .308
  20. Blue Brick

    Blue Brick New Member

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