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Cheapest place to buy Lapua brass .308 and in stock?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Envisaged, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Envisaged

    Envisaged Well-Known Member

    Out of stock everywhere I look.

    Any links to good price and in stock?
  2. ar10

    ar10 Well-Known Member

  3. benzy2

    benzy2 Well-Known Member

    I saw some today at Cabelas. I almost bought some in .223 but .308 was right beside it and multiple boxes in stock. If the stores have it the internet site almost always has it.
  4. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member


    See my For Sale post for Lake City M118LR Match brass in the Buy, Sell and Trade: Reloading Components and Gear section of this website. It's the next best thing to Lapua if you are unable to find it, and a whole lot cheaper.

  5. ar10

    ar10 Well-Known Member

    Don't you need to ream primer hole :confused:
  6. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member

    Lake City Match brass DOES NOT have crimped in primers, if thats what you mean. So, you reload it just like any commercial brass.

  7. 3wide

    3wide Member

    Not to change the subject but kinda crazy times, seems eveyone is out of everything.
  8. Bear2000

    Bear2000 Well-Known Member

    PowderValley - no question, by far and away the cheapest.
  9. Sunray

    Sunray Well-Known Member

    There's no such thing as cheap Lapua brass. It's double the price of U.S. domestic brass. Not quite as expensive as Norma though. $86.99 per 100 for Norma at Midway. $67.99 per 100 for Lapua. Remington, also out of stock, runs $36.49 per 100.

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