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Cimarron 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by gunlaw, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. gunlaw

    gunlaw New Member

    Thinking about buying a Cimarron 1911. The price seems decent. Does anyone have any experience with these pistols?
  2. LightningMan

    LightningMan New Member

    I can't say, but should point out that Cimarron Firearms does not manufacture anything, they are an importer of firearms. I know they get most all their lever action cowboy rifles & revolvers from Uberti. You should find out where they are importing their 1911's from. My guess that they are from the same company that makes Rock Island Arms. Nothing against RIA, as I know nothing of them. LM
  3. 1911austin

    1911austin New Member

    I have a buddy that has one that he likes. It is his first pistol so he does not have anything to compare it to. I don't know how many rounds he has down range but is has been 100%.
  4. tekarra

    tekarra New Member

    Cimarron 1911s are made by Armscor in the Philippines and are finished to a higher standard than the Rock Island Armory pistols. I do not have a Cimarron but have a RIA which, in my opinion, is an excellent pistol. On the forums that I frequent, I only read good things about the Cimarron.
  5. gunlaw

    gunlaw New Member

    Thats good to know. I suspected these were made by armscor. I have only heard good things about armscor and RIA. I may have to get this one.
  6. I bought a Cimarron High-Polish Blued 1911 this past February. One good thing about Armscor is they have really great customer service. I shopped around, and ended up finding the best deal and buying mine online from Phil Rezac LLC, which is very far from where I live. So I was unable to inspect the particular pistol before it was mine, and when I received it, the bore looked terrible, and there was a flaw in the bluing. I called up Cimarron, and they helped me send the slide back to Ford's in Florida for a re-blue. It came back perfect like the rest of the gun, and it is gorgeous. As far as the bore, I checked the envelope with the spent casings that came with the gun, and the proof date was June 2010. Cimarron directed me to calling Armscor in Nevada, and I spoke with a gunsmith there who agreed that the bore trouble was likely from the gun sitting for two years from the time it was proofed, til the time I bought it, we're guessing corrosive primers. The rest of the gun was spotless and perfect. So I asked the gunsmith if I should send the barrel in, and he convinced me to send the whole gun to Nevada. I had the gun back less than two weeks later with a new barrel, fitted to the gun, and he gave me his '$350 Tune-up' for my trouble. Some people wouldn't want to deal with those headaches, but I have a reeeally slick gun now. It eats JHPs just as well as it eats FMJs, I'm a few hundred rounds into it with zero failures of any kind. It is a gorgeous gun and I highly doubt I will part with it until I'm too frail to lift it. If you have any questions at all about it, I'm happy to answer them as best I can. Even considering the problems mine had from the start, I am very glad I bought it. Amazing value-to-price ratio. Here are some pics of mine sportin' Ajax grips. -the spots in a couple pics on the gun are actually a reflection of the leopard-print sheet that's on my ceiling acting as a lamp-shade, the bluing is like a mirror.






  7. gunlaw

    gunlaw New Member

    Man you guys are making it hard to say no. The pistol I saw for sale appeared to be parkerized. Is that the only finish or is a blued model available?
  8. That's how it was for me too, didn't know it existed until I saw one for sale here on THR. Though by the time I rustled up the $$, the seller had taken it to a LGS for consignment. I couldn't stop thinking about it and shopped around til I found a great deal.

    The parkerized model is usually a bit easier on the wallet, and just as reliable as its nickel and blued brothers. Plus you wouldn't have to worry much about scratching it :)

    But on the other hand, both the nickel and blued models are really quite stunning :evil:

    I forgot to mention the trigger! Trigger pull is slightly heavier than my SW1911, but in a great way. There is no 'wiggle' to the trigger, and no pre-pressure length to the pull (i forget the technical term for that one at the moment). The pull is impressively consistent, smooth, and crisp. My guess is that pull is around 4.5-5 lbs. I would carry this gun with confidence.

    Cimarron also had very friendly and excellent customer service, as did Armscor. The fit of the gun's parts is excellent. Again, the price-to-value ratio is significant.
  9. TennJed

    TennJed New Member

    OLDGUNSNEWGUNS, that is an extremely nice looking blue job. Glad to hear they took care of you. Those grips are really, really nice. What kind of Ajax grips are those? Wood?
  10. Agreed! Thankya, they are a polymer of sorts. I've seen stained burl grips with a similar appearance, and will certainly get some of those some day. These were 'new,' but the box was covered in dust, so I'm guessing they're at least a few years old. They're much chubbier than the wood double-diamond-checker grips that the Cimarron comes with. I have rather large hands so they give me a much better grip. Downside is my girlfriend can barely reach the trigger...

    A little tip I learned here on THR: With polymer, bone, or mineral 1911 grips, anything that's not wood or rubber really, there's no 'give' to the material, so the grip-screws can start to un-screw themselves after a few magazines. Or even worse, if one were to over-tighten them, you can damage the grips upon shooting. A cheap awesome way to solve both of these problems is to pick up some #60 1/4" rubber o-ring gaskets at a hardware store, and squeeze one onto each grip screw then put 'em back on the gun as normal. The rubber of the rings keeps the screw from working its way out, and protects your grips from the shock of recoil :)
  11. AethelstanAegen

    AethelstanAegen New Member

    I really, really like my Cimarron 1911. I also have the high polish blue version. I also purchased from Philip J Rezac n(even though I live in VA, but he was way cheaper than Gander Mountain). I had a problem with mine in that it had rather rough feeding and HPs were impossible to feed. I contacted Cimarron and they had me send it in and in short order it was back and now feeds anything I put in it. It's been 100% and sure is great looking. I'd highly recommend them.
  12. Gunlaw, let us know if you get one, and if so, how you like it :)
  13. gunlaw

    gunlaw New Member

    I'll give a report if I get one. Might be a while. Gotta get the dough-rey-me.
  14. zoom6zoom

    zoom6zoom New Member

    I also have one of the hi-polish blued versions. Wonderful fit and finish, I would call it as good as or better than anything Colt has put out for a long time. I also have one of the Uberti built Cimmaron SAA's and they are also well made.

    If you're in Virginia, All Shooter's Tactical in Woodbridge is a stocking dealer with really good prices.
  15. masterofchaos

    masterofchaos New Member

    Isn't anyone going to comment on the leopard ceiling "lampshade" or is everyone too anamored with the glossy finish. ;)

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