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City alert in threat to Bush

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Desertdog, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Desertdog

    Desertdog Well-Known Member

    "left his upstate New York home Wednesday with a .30-30 lever-action hunting rifle in the trunk of his car"

    First it was AWs, now they will try to use this against the gun owner. Will they ever learn it is not the weapon (gun, knife, bat, or explosive) but it is the person using it?

    City alert in threat to Bush
    Tuesday, September 21st, 2004

    The Secret Service clamped down on midtown last night to protect President Bush from a possible assassin armed with a hunting rifle.
    Lawrence Ward, 59, left his upstate New York home Wednesday with a .30-30 lever-action hunting rifle in the trunk of his car, telling a neighbor, "I'm not coming back."

    Inside his house in Bainbridge was a picture of Bush with the words "Dead Man" spray-painted near it, law enforcement authorities said.

    Bush was in town for a fund-raiser at the Sheraton New York before speaking today at the UN General Assembly.

    The Secret Service deemed Ward, a software engineer, such a "credible threat" that a three-square-block chunk of midtown was cordoned off.

    Secret Service agents and city cops patrolled the area looking for anything suspicious.

    Ward's ex-wife, Judith Ward, 59, who lives in Connecticut, told the Secret Service she thinks her former husband "is very dangerous and capable of killing someone and/or committing suicide."

    She said Ward "is obsessed with weapons, [Oklahoma City bomber] Timothy McVeigh and the book 'The Dead Zone' - a novel about the stalking and attempted assassination of a presidential candidate," according to a Secret Service document.

    The document, reviewed by the Daily News, said Ward sent his ex-wife a CD that mentions killing both Bush and Democratic rival John Kerry.

    He also was said to be "obsessed" with his 19-year-old daughter, Priscilla Jane.

    Judith Ward told The News she divorced her husband four years ago after 18 years of marriage because "he was a wife-beater and other things I don't want to talk about."

    Authorities said Ward has a criminal past dating to 1991, including an indecent sexual proposal charge.

    The neighbor in Bainbridge, a community about 40miles northeast of Binghamton, told authorities that Ward "frequently spoke of 'fighting the system' and other anti-government topics."

    The neighbor said Ward gave him his house keys and told him to help himself. He then drove off in a blue 1997 Toyota sedan with the New York license plate BRF-6546.

    Two days later, the neighbor went into the house, found the photo of Bush and called police.
  2. jefnvk

    jefnvk Well-Known Member

    Seems he has a roblem with the government in general.
  3. BigG

    BigG Well-Known Member

    Wow - a hit man with a 30/30. ... :rolleyes:
  4. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee Well-Known Member

    Why a 30-30? Has he been listening to the hero of Chappaquidick? :scrutiny:
  5. Old Dog

    Old Dog Well-Known Member

    Thank God he didn't take an AR-15 ...

    Imagine what the media would have made of it had the man taken his Colt AR-15 or Bushmaster ... or even -- horrors -- an AK-47?
  6. TrapperReady

    TrapperReady Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Kinda shoots holes in my original theory about a "Sportsman for Kerry".
  7. jnojr

    jnojr Well-Known Member

    Seems like he has a problem, period, in general...

    Now, I wonder how fast the liberals heads are spinning on this one? A .30-30 lever action isn't an "assault weapon". Nor could they probably get away with calling it a "sniper rifle", even if it has a scope. Lever action just screams "deer rifle", but that isn't menacing enough... my God, the general public won't get the full picture of the lethality of this rifle that's scheming to kill the President (uh, oh, I just tripped Echelon there!)! "Rapid-fire stalking rifle"? How many rounds does a lever action .30-30 hold? Over ten? "An attempt to exploit a loophole in assault weapon laws by using a disguised high-capacity magazine and an action that keeps the gunmans trigger finger right near the trigger, allowing for hundreds of rounds a minute to be sprayed out"?
  8. TallPine

    TallPine Well-Known Member

    No, a Winchester Model 94 holds 6 rounds of 30-30 in the tubular magazine.
  9. boofus

    boofus Guest

    Sounds like the USSS is keepin an eye out for him. Do any of them wear armor that can stop a .30-30? Maybe the ninjas armed with P90s could take a shot for the president and survive?
  10. tyme

    tyme Well-Known Member

    new york post investigated his "lair" (shouldn't that be ex-lair?)
    Then the SS gives a dose of reality, coupled with SOP: deny, deny, deny.
  11. BigG

    BigG Well-Known Member

    You know, he's got a point... :eek:

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