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Clark County Nevada

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by MikeLD, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. MikeLD

    MikeLD Active Member

    I am flying into Vegas next week but will only be there 1 day and fly out to Texas the next morning can anyone tell me if I have to register with the county sheriff with a ccw from MO. thanks for any info. Mike
  2. strat81

    strat81 Well-Known Member

  3. Doggy Daddy

    Doggy Daddy Well-Known Member

  4. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman Well-Known Member

    It is my understanding that individuals who are not residents of Clark County have up to 60 days to register these guns. That is, if you're "just passing through," you do not need to rush right out and find a police substation and register your sidearm.
  5. F4GIB

    F4GIB Well-Known Member


    I have a copy of a letter from the CCSO that says travelers are exempt. I got it when I attended Front Sight.
  6. Winchester 73

    Winchester 73 member

    Nevada honors your Mizzou permit.No reg required.
  7. MikeLD

    MikeLD Active Member

    Thanks everybody for the info I did try to look it up but was unable to find what I wanted, thanks again I will feel a lot better careing. Mike
  8. glockman19

    glockman19 Well-Known Member

    NO you do NOT have to register. As of Jan 1, 2008 you need to register only if you will be there for more than 60 days.

    I went in Oct as my FL permit allowed me to carry. I promptly went to the LVMPD and registered four of my carry guns.
  9. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman Well-Known Member

    Glockman, I'm a little confused.
    You went there in October, on a Florida permit to carry, and you registered FOUR guns?

    You must have been expecting a heckuva lot of trouble.

    Now, it appears, you wouldn't have to register any of them.
  10. spwenger

    spwenger Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas Metro PD...

    ...is the sheriff's department. ;)

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